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YouTube will test an “Explore” tab to help users find new videos and channels

YouTube is experimenting with a new explore feature that will help users easily find new channels and videos on the platform while browsing on mobile. Explore is different from the Recommendations tab in a way that is expected to broaden topics instead of showing just videos similar to the ones in browsing history and in the subscription list.

This update was announced via the Creator Insider channel. According to the announcement, the new explore feature is currently in testing with just 1% of iPhone YouTube app viewers. If you are from that 1% users then notice the navigation bar of YouTube. Instead of Home, Trending, Subscription, Inbox, and Library – you will see Home, Explore, Subscription, Activity, and Library.

The director of product management, Tom Leung said on announcement –

“Explore is designed to help you to be exposed to different kinds of topics, videos or channels that you might not otherwise encounter. But they are still personalized, they are still based on your viewing activity.”

Instagram and Twitter provide a similar feature, which let users scroll through different types of feeds that aren’t necessarily full of people that they follow. YouTube is focusing on providing more variety to viewers, contrary to the Trending tab that offered irrelevant content, especially in India. Tom Leung also stated –

“We hope it’s going to be a win-win, but we are not very sure yet, that’s why the experiment is going to be run. But in the meantime, feel free to give us feedback…Let us know what you think and we’re happy to give an update as well when the experiment has run its course”

Calling the tab “Explore” makes sense due to the increased threat from Instagram, whose own Explore section features personalized video suggestions and has also launched a YouTube rival with IGTV. Therefore, YouTube also offered its stars five to six-figure big checks to post their best stuff on YouTube.

YouTube didn’t announce when the new tab will roll out to all iOS and Android users. So we will just have to wait. Check out the video update:


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