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YouTube starts supporting Square, vertical videos on desktop through dynamic player

YouTube has added a dynamic video player to its desktop version. With the recent reconstruction, YouTube on the desktop has started supporting square and vertical videos. The new player dynamically supports videos with an aspect ratio other than the traditional 16:9 ratio.

YouTube for iOS received an update in December last year with a dynamic player to start adapting horizontal and square-shaped videos. After that in March, the Google-owned company expanded its offering to Android and began offering an all-new video streaming experience to a large number of mobile phone users. While the new change brings the same experience that has existed on Android and iOS for the last some months. YouTube starts supporting Square & vertical videos on the desktop but some desktop users are apparently not convinced.

The new addition of the dynamic player to the desktop version of YouTube lets you watch vertical videos without any black bars covering the left and right side. The player adapts to the size of the video content if it’s not traditional 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio to fit it accordingly in the player.

YouTube revealed in the forum post –

“Historically, for non-wide screen movies (non 16:9) like vertical and square videos, we would show black bars alongside the video, making the video very small. This update moves away from the need for black bars.”

YouTube starts supporting square

The dynamic player on YouTube also affects standard 16:9 video content as it uses the screen’s extra white space to stretch the video size. While the Google says that the enhancement does not impact the video quality, many users do not like the new change. Some of the players even complained that the dynamic player is cutting off vertical videos rather than accommodating them. One of the affected users wrote in response to YouTube announcement in the forum post –

“You need to either fix this or change it back to the way it was. One of my videos is wider than 640X480, but it is being forced into a 640X480 screen. It is not being resized properly. Parts of the video are being cut off. Plus, the larger screen is actually decreasing the video quality.”

It is unclear whether YouTube will consider the user demand and provide an option to disable the dynamic player sometime in the coming future.


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