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You can now ask Google Assistant to make a Duo video call

Google Assistant will now be able to make video calls, including international ones on Google’s video chat mobile app Duo. The feature would enable users to make video calls from their phones, contacts and messages apps using the mobile video chat app.

Google wrote – “If you use the Google Assistant: You can start a ‘Duo’ video call by saying or typing, video call (name)”. The update was released on the latest version of “Duo” for both, Android and iOS-based smartphones and tablets. Users using Android 8.0 and up would have to sync their “Duo” settings using the “Account Sync” option.

For users, who don’t have the app installed, the call would get redirected to another one of Google’s messaging and video chat platform, “Hangouts”. It may take some time to reach all users.

Earlier this month, Google Duo for Android got multi-device support and added a new interface for tablets. The new experiences are initially available for select users, it is expected to debut for the masses gradually over time. The Duo app on Android also received a new interface on tablets. The tablet-centric interface shows the video window almost on the entire screen – with the right side featuring the video call and voice call tabs and the unified contacts search bar.

This update is not a super groundbreaking update and it is not even clear how long this feature has been live. If you are a regular Duo user then it is a nice feature that you will love for sure. All you need to do is invoke Google Assistant and ask it to video call a contact in your phonebook. You can simply say – “Hey Google, video call friend’s name” and the Google Assistant will initiate the video call for you.


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