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Yahoo Messenger shuts down after 20 years

After the journey of glorious 20 years, Yahoo messenger finally shuts down. Though Yahoo did not give a clear reason for shutting down the service. Yahoo messenger started twenty years ago in 1998. It was the earliest worldwide web experience for the 90s kids. People who have started their chat journey with WhatsApp or Google Hangouts might not be familiar with the Yahoo Messenger.

The new version of Yahoo Messenger was launched in December, 2015. That updated version came up with a completely new design and many new features. Though Yahoo Messenger failed to make an impression in users mind and couldn’t compete with platforms such as WhatsApp, iMessage, and Facebook Messenger. Yahoo finally put rest to its messaging app – Yahoo Messenger on 17th July, 2018. Yahoo Messenger users have 6 months to download their message history.

squirrel messaging app

All existing users will be redirected to Squirrel group messaging app. The new squirrel app will allow users to create separate chat rooms for topics, people or private chats. The users who already have access to squirrel app also will be able to invite others. Yahoo Messenger blog stated –

“Yahoo Messenger has had an amazing run. Over its twenty years, Yahoo Messenger introduced hundreds of millions of people to the joys of just the right emoticon for the moment (aka emojis). Yahoo Messenger changed the lives of millions, and thousands of people have sent us letters and photos over the years to share their stories of meeting a spouse over the service, keeping in touch with kids while serving overseas in the military, or introducing grandparents to new members of the family from across the globe.”

In this technological era, things get obsolete faster than anybody can imagine, people move on to newer updates very quickly. The people who enjoyed Yahoo Messenger in 90’s era, will definitely miss this internet chat service. As Yahoo Messenger was the first real-time platform for real-time communications that allowed sending images and real-time updates. Users will be able to download their chat history and related media after using this link. Do you have memories attached to Yahoo Messenger? Share your experience with us.


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