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Why JavaScript is used in IoT?

Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the latest and useful technologies in our world. It consists of various hardware devices embedded with things like sensors and WIFI connectivity which allows devices to exchange data over WIFI with other embedded devices or smartphones.

Many programming languages are used for IoT development. JavaScript is the best choice for IoT development. If you ask – Why JavaScript is used in building IoT systems? Here are the reasons:

1. JavaScript is easy to learn

JavaScript is a very easy programming language to learn. You can get started with minimal knowledge. Consider a situation where a C programmer is asked to do parallel programming. It is that easy. If you are an entry-level developer then you can get instant feedback while you are programming. JavaScript is very helpful for those who learn by doing.

2. JavaScript is open source

JavaScript is a suitable programming language for IoT. Because the open source nature of JavaScript makes it possible for programmers to make useful contributions to various JavaScript projects. JavaScript fosters creativity and brings in innovations to IoT enabled hardware, software, and network solutions.


3. JavaScript is event-driven language

We live in the event-driven world. We act and react to different events in our daily lives. JavaScript gets operated in the same way. For example, Event loop in JavaScript allows you to run numerous tasks without waiting for other tasks to complete. JavaScript also helps in responding to events in real time, handling multiple tasks parallelly, and allowing multiple devices to respond to the same event.

4. JavaScript and Node.js

Node.js has evolved as a robust technology which makes server-side implementation of JavaScript possible. A range of companies are leveraging the power of Node.js to build a network of devices, sensors, and smartphones which can be controlled and manipulated remotely. Companies like Microsoft, IBM and Samsung have already embraced Node.js as the preferred technology for their IoT development projects.

5. Familiar Syntax

Majority of embedded programmers use C as a programming language. If any programmer wants to develop an IoT system – then he does not need to learn different syntax. As syntax of JavaScript is very similar to programming language C. If the programmer is experienced enough then all he has to do is – Invest a little more time to modify JavaScript code.

6. JavaScript is growing

Initially, JavaScript was used as a scripting language for browsers. Now JavaScript has become full-fledged, front-end web development technology along with HTML5 and CSS3. JavaScript is used in many areas like server-side development, game development, animation and obviously IoT (Internet of Things).

7. JavaScript is widely used across internet

JavaScript is already a common language across the internet. So it makes absolute sense to include the same language in the devices which will be part of the internet.


Internet of Things is a vast field. The scope of innovation is increasing day by day. The power of JavaScript cannot be ignored. JavaScript can help several IoT projects to become commercial and popular. It seems that the scope of JavaScript will continue to rise in the field of IoT applications.


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