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WhatsApp status to start serving ads next year

WhatsApp might get more annoying in coming months as WhatsApp will start showing advertisements in its status feature. David Fischer, Facebook’s vice president of business and marketing partnerships, last month in the interview with Adweek had said that the company will figure out ways to bring ads to the chat app. It seems that WhatsApp has finally figured it out. Now WhatsApp will show ads as a part of monetizing the app.

WhatsApp spokesperson confirmed that –

“WhatsApp does not currently run ads in status though this represents a future goal for us, starting in 2019. We will move slowly and carefully and provide more details before we place any Ads in Status.”

Facebook and Instagram already show ads in stories. Showing ads in WhatsApp might be Facebook’s best way to make more money out of its products, but it may not go down well with users. According to one report, around 450 million people use WhatsApp Status, compared with about 400 million who uses Instagram stories.

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, The WhatsApp is said to have already started allowing firms to contact you using the service. The report also states that WhatsApp will be charging companies – “half a penny and nine cents” depending on the country. WhatsApp spokesperson also said that around 100 companies are already testing the new ad style such as Singapore Airlines and ride-sharing service Uber.

WhatsApp is free to use app but lately, it has been exploring ways to monetize itself. For example, “WhatsApp Business” – company’s standalone app for businesses that allows businesses to contact consumers, is one such effort from WhatsApp to generate revenue. Running ads in WhatsApp would be a bigger step taken by Facebook to monetize the app.

We are not sure whether WhatsApp ads will affect the user experience in any way. All we can do is to wait and see the practical application of the ads and how much it benefits the company in terms of revenue.


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