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WhatsApp has finally encrypted group video calling for everyone

WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature that brings its feature up to par with other messaging apps: Group video calls. In Facebook’s F8 developer conference in May, WhatsApp announced that it would bring group calling with both voice and video support later on this year. WhatsApp says that the feature is live now for users around the globe on iOS and Android as well. WhatsApp has finally encrypted group video calling.

Though WhatsApp was supporting video calling since 2016, though it was limited to only two participants. This new feature supports up to four people simultaneously, regardless of where those people are. It is not a very new feature as Facebook Messenger supports group video calls of up to 50 members and SnapChat supports 16 participants. Moreover, Apple’ face time will work with up to 32 members in iOS 12.

whatsapp group video calling

The functionality of this feature is very simple – You and up to three other users can all talk to each other at once, with or without accompanying the split-screen video. All you have to do is – first start a regular one-on-one call and then tap the icon in the top right corner of the screen to add more participants.

Though this new feature will be more challenging for WhatsApp than other competitors. As its video calls, like other messages sent within the app, are end-to-end encrypted by default. WhatsApp also needs to ensure new features are optimized for people with slower connections and older devices.

WhatsApp says that all calls are encrypted – and the functionality is designed to work reliably around the world in different network conditions. WhatsApp earlier announced that it has 1.5 billion monthly active users so all of them going to try out this new group calling feature. Now you will be able to talk to your family and friends all at once in no time.


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