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Twitter users unable to cross-post tweets on Facebook

Twitter recently announced that users can no longer automatically cross-post their tweets on Facebook. Facebook has deprecated it’s publish actions permissions from its API. It is a feature that allowed apps to publish posts on social media platforms.

Ime Archibong, Vice President of Product Partnerships at Facebook, said –

“All apps using the Facebook Platform APIs would need to go through a more comprehensive review. As they want to protect people’s Facebook information. The deadline was 1st August to submit for review for all existing apps.

Ime Archibong also said that –

“As a result, we are cutting off API access for hundreds of thousands of inactive apps that have not submitted for our app review process.”

Specifically, the issue has to do with Facebook’s lockdown of its API platform – an overhaul that has been underway following the Cambridge Analytica Scandal.When users started tweeting about not being able to post publish tweets on Facebook, Twitter’s support team tweeted –

“We’ve learned that Tweets and Retweets will no longer automatically post to connected Facebook accounts due to a recent Facebook update. Don’t worry, you have other ways to share a Tweet.”


Twitter support page also mentioned –

“You have the option to share via Direct Message with your followers, or through an SMS or email to your contacts from your phone’s address book.”

Though Facebook said that –

developers who were previously using the API could instead turn to Facebook’s share dialogs for the web, iOS, and Android. However, Twitter’s statement didn’t mention that there would be an alternative means of sharing built back into Twitter.

You can use “Copy link to Tweet” feature as of now. So now you will have no choice – yes, you can still cross-post to Twitter from Facebook. But not the other way around.

It may seem like a little more work. Focusing on each individual platform will likely to produce better results in the long run.


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