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Twitter is holding off on fixing verification policy to focus on election integrity

Twitter doesn’t presently have the bandwidth to overtake its verification system. Twitter product lead Kayvon Beykpour recently tweeted – “Updating our verification program isn’t the top priority of us right now. Last November, Twitter paused its account verifications because it tried to determine an approach to deal with confusion round what it means to be verified. People criticized Twitter for having verified the account of Jason Keller, the person who organized the deadly white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Twitter also acknowledges its job isn’t performed, the corporate just isn’t prioritizing the work right now. Back in March, CEO Jack Dorsey envisioned a revamped verification approach that will allow any user to become verified “In a way that’s scalable, where Twitter is just not in the best way and people can verify more facts about themselves and we don’t have to be judge to or imply any bias on our part.”

twitter says it doesn't have the bandwidth to fix the verification

For now, the company will continue to grant verification on an ad hoc basis. Beykpour also wrote – “I don’t believe we have the bandwidth to address this holistically without coming at the cost of other priorities and distracting the team. We’re already doing way too many things, and focusing on this now will slow us down and lessen the quality of more important areas like elections integrity.”

The highest priority of Twitter now is election integrity. Kayvon mentions that Twitter’s team will be looking at the product “with a specific lens towards the upcoming elections and some of the ‘election integrity’ workstreams we’ve discussed.” Approximately after 4 weeks, the product team will be in a better place to address verification. At last, Kayvon wrote – “Although we have made quite a lot of progress in direction of a holistic answer, the reality is that this work continues to be incomplete and we’re selecting to not prioritize it simply now.”


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