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Twitter has banned users who created account below 13

European Union’s new data privacy regulations came into effect on May 25. Therefore, Twitter has started suspending users who joined the platform before turning 13. After the new privacy laws had been set up under the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), Twitter has started taking the new rules seriously.

There are many users who have signed up for the site before the age of 13. The Motherboard report said that some users didn’t enter a date of birth when they signed up on the Twitter, but added it into their profile later. Twitter notified Canadian journalist Tom Yun, “in order to create a Twitter account, you must be at least 13 years old and you don’t meet these age requirements.”

It is also true that Twitter can’t legally keep the content that was created by someone under the age of 13. Though Twitter doesn’t have the tools to separate the content a user created while under 13 and from the content created over 13. Therefore, Twitter decided that the only way to comply with GDPR is to suspend users who have a date of birth that may mean they were under 13 when they signed up for it.

Suspender users who are now eligible to sign up for the service can create a new account. Though former children online have reported that they could restore their account by repeated submitting documentation proving their current age. Twitter seems to be the only social network that has interpreted GDPR in this way. Because Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have not enforced similar bans on users who are currently overage.

Twitter has taken a step forward in the right direction ensuring data privacy. If you have created your Twitter account when you were under 13, it’s advisable to create a backup of all your content and migrate to a new one.


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