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Mobile analytics is the heart of any successful mobile advertising company operations. The mobile app analytics market is huge. Mobile analytics market is projected to reach $6 billion by 2024. Mobile analytics platforms supply insights about how site visitors using applications via smartphones or tablets experience the app in their mobile device’s browser. This article will help you to learn about the best mobile analytics tools to improve your product, increase engagement and drive revenue as well.

1. Google Analytics

google analytics mobile analytics tools

Google analytics measures sales and conversions, gives information on how visitors use, arrive on site and how to keep them coming back. Google provides a tight integration of its analytical tool with other products such as Google AdWords, Google AdSense, Google Display Network etc. It offers many features such as – data collecting across websites, apps and internet-connected devices, data access via a mobile app, configurable APIs, email notifications etc. It is a free tool and supports Android as well as iOS.

2. Flurry Analytics

flurry analytics mobile analytics tools

Flurry Analytics is part of the Yahoo Developer Network. It supports platforms for iOS, Android, and tvOS. Flurry analytics is designed to track audience reach, engagement, retention, and conversion. It has many features like in-app users behavior tracking via events, funnels analysis, cohorts building, app users segmentation, and app users interests.  This is a free tool and it does not provide a demo.

3. Localytics

localytics mobile analytics tools

Localytics consists of 3 components – solutions to help app developers to reveal who are their mobile app users, engage these people via timely send rich, compelling messages and optimize their app user engagement campaigns to reach the desired ROI. Localytics is a freemium tool. With Localytics, you can discover data-driven insights and engage on a personal level with your users. It helps you to optimize mobile marketing in an effective manner.

4.  Mixpanel

mixpanel mobile analytics tools

Mixpanel is an event-based mobile analytics tool. Mixpanel platform helps product owners to analyze how customers move from one touch point to another and based on this data it provides an insight on how to monetize it. However, in a free version of Mixpanel there is a limitation to 25,000 data points. A data point is counted every time you track an event with Mixpanel. In 2018, Mixpanel is going to release additional integrations and improvements to help the team develop a deeper, more nuanced understanding of their users.

5. Countly

countly mobile analytics tools

Countly is an open source mobile analytics platform that is tracking 1B+ unique identities on more than 14,000 mobile applications. Countly covers almost everything such as push notifications, segmentation, user profiles and real-time analytics as well. Countly also addresses advanced security requirements, white labeling and on-premise deployment which has always been company’s USP. Countly serves over 10 million satisfied users.

6. Adobe Analytics

adobe analytics mobile analytics tools

Adobe Analytics provides a comprehensive suite for enterprise clients. It helps you to create a holistic view of your business by turning customer interactions into actionable insights. Adobe Analytics is a combination of various digital platforms in just one view. It also offers different types of analysis such as fallout, contribution, and cohort. Adobe Analytics is a paid tool.

With above tools you can always keep your fingers on tabs, react on any problem in time and prevent more demand you would certainly end up with, without having a robust and comprehensive app analytical data in hand. Choose the right mobile analytical tool and do successful mobile marketing.


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