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Top Android App Development Trends of 2018

Mobile app industry is about to change with top Android app development trends of 2018. Check out the following Android trends that are popular right now:

1 Android instant apps

Users don’t need to install these apps. They can open and access the app via deep linking. With this technique, users will be able to access the app without wasting their mobile data and time. According to Google, over 500 million devices supports Android instant apps. The latest Android Studio allows developers to modularize their app for allowing users to access app’s small portion as an instant app.

2 Android Jetpack

The competition is increasing. The demand of mobile app is also increasing. That is why clients are demanding developers to create faster apps. Though without proper tools developers will not be able to develop android instant apps. That is why the need for Android Jetpack has increased. Android Jetpack let users develop the apps quickly and also make sure that quality standards are maintained.

3 App security

Though the Android instant app is new technology, developers are working hard to make mobile operations safer. Last year, over 7, 00,000 poor-quality and harmful apps were removed from Google Play. Google has started taking strict security measures. Google is constantly working to improve the security of Android’s operating system.

4 Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMP is stripped down version of the HTML that makes the mobile pages lightweight and loads faster. This technology enabled developers to build complex web pages that can load faster across all the mobile devices. AMP also helps to boost search ranking, lower bounce rates which result in a better user experience.

5 Android things

The concept of Android things is old as it was announced in 2015. Though with the help of this technology, any developer can create an IoT device which will be supported by Google. The technology is becoming an integral part of our daily lives. Moreover, the mobile app industry is growing like never before. Consider the above trends and get create the best possible app. Want to read more about Android app development? Stay connected.


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