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Top 8 Web development trends for 2018

In the web development industry, one thing can be said for sure – “The only constant is change.”

Every second web development industry is changing. As a web developer, you have to make sure that you stay one step ahead and stay updated with new trends. In 2018, many advancements took place in web development. No one can predict the future. It is important to stay tuned with industry changes. As the new technology emerges, we will see a continuous flow of new websites, applications, functions, and features.

Here we have discussed top 8 web development trends that will have a major global impact on web industry in 2018:

1. SPA – Single Page Application

SPA is based on JavaScript. It works perfectly across all user devices, shows high performance and reduces web development time. Facebook, Gmail, and Github are some of the examples of Single Page Applications. They display natural behavior in the browser with no extra waiting time and page reloads.

The development is based on React and Angular Frameworks. With SPA you can have cost-effective hybrid apps. SPA sites keep the user comfortable as the content is displayed in a single web space. The best example of the SPA is Facebook.

2. PWA – Progressive Web Apps

Google announced Progressive Web Apps back in 2015. PWAs are crucial to modern-day web development. They are websites that feel like native mobile apps. This technology offers certain benefits like good reliability, ability to work offline, no load time and ability to receive notifications. They don’t require installation.

To build Progressive Web Apps, you will need knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This kind of apps can be designed faster, easier to maintain and deploy. Gradually, PWAs are becoming web development trend.

3. Motion UI

motion ui web development trends

Simplicity is becoming the new trend in website design.  Motion UI is gaining popularity. It allows developers to animate content without having strong knowledge in JavaScript or jQuery library. With extensive UX/UI research, motion UI can make wonders. You can create animated charts, headers, background animations, and cool hovers.

4. Blockchain

blockchain web development trends

You may have heard about the influence of blockchain in the web industry. It is a method of collective data storage. The best part is – there are no intermediaries between transactions. Every transaction is verified relying on the complex algorithm. Blockchain has a high level of protection. Multinational banks are thinking about implementing blockchain in their work. Currently, blockchain is used in trading & exchange operations, cryptocurrency and security.

5. Push notifications

push notification web development trend

Push notifications can be a crucial tool for driving traffic and conversions. The push notification refers to a system in which the users will get a push notification every time they visit a website. This way you can keep your users engaged without big efforts. They are quick, come on time and does not require complicated actions. It beats emails, SMS and social media by providing up-to-date information. To get started, you can simply sign up for a dedicated service like PushCrew. WordPress offers plugins like you can use OneSignal.

6. JavaScript

javascript web development trend

JavaScript is the number one programming language in web development. The JavaScript frameworks and libraries are flexible and powerful. you better start learning. The competition between Angular and React continues. Angular 4 is faster and consume less space. React and Angular has its pro and cons. The popularity of JavaScript is increasing. JavaScript is constantly in improvement mode.

7. Static websites

In the static website, every single page is encoded in HTML. It is simple, secure and loads quickly. According to Statista, the static websites will have more demand this year. In early years, static websites were popular. The web is going back to roots. They are cheaper and satisfies the needs of different type of businesses. There is a huge variety of static site generators written in other programming languages. You can find different solutions on the StaticGen website.

8. Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence web development trend

Chatbots are becoming the norm. According to one study, an 80% of businesses plan will integrate chatbots by 2020. The Facebook bot invented a language for themselves. Developers have to start learning artificial intelligence principles.

Web development industry is changing every day.  You can use new technologies to retain customers. Stay connected to know more updates about web development. Stay ahead of web development trends.


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