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Top 5 Mobile app marketing strategies

There are millions of app available on Google play store as well as Apple play store. If you have built an app then you might have faced tough competition. If you want your app in all users’ smartphone then you definitely have to focus on mobile app marketing. Now the question arises – what can you do to market your app? To answer your question, we have listed 5 great mobile app marketing strategies:

1 Research your target market

Who is going to use your app? Before you start marketing your app – you need to understand your target market. You should not try to reach everyone. Choose a particular market segment. Focus on demographics, psychographics, habits, and lifestyle. If you have identified your target market then you will be able to develop effective marketing strategies.

2 Start marketing before you launch the app

When it comes to marketing, don’t wait until the whole app gets ready. You should start thinking about marketing plans once the app concept and design have been finalized. According to one study by Google, only 40% of mobile users search for apps through the mobile app store. The rest of the 60% users find the app from YouTube videos, blogs, and tutorials. So you can start utilizing those platforms to promote your app before you launch the app.

3 Optimize your app for the mobile app store

Your app can rank higher in an app store search result – if you optimize your app properly. Therefore, utilize the right keywords in your app title and app description. With using the right keywords, make sure that your app comes up when relevant search topics are searched for.

Also, focus on the icon and screenshots of your app. While creating an icon – focus on one element that reflects your app essence design it in a unique shape. Without app store optimization, users may not even know you exist.

4 Reach your audience with social networks

With social media, you can reach to your potential customers more easily. Because through social media, you can access the important data of your users’ interest, hobbies etc. With this information, you will be able to create advertisements according to your target market. If your users like your app then they will share it on various social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

5 Make your app desirable

Don’t create the app just to have your company’s name on the app store. Your app should be actually useful to customers. Your app should be providing all the features that the customer could ask for. You should keep updating new features for better user experience. This way you will be able to keep users engaged in your app and your app will become more desirable.

The mobile app industry is constantly evolving. To keep up with the competition, you will need to have effective mobile app marketing strategies. Therefore, keep improving marketing strategies to stand out in the mobile app industry.


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