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Top 5 benefits of using push notifications

Why are push notifications a better communication method? What is push notification? Why your app must have push notification feature? What is the role of push notifications?

Well, your all questions will be answered in this article.  Push notifications are an efficient and easy way to communicate with your audience.  Push notifications can bring many benefits to your business. Here are some of the best benefits of using push notifications:

Push Notification benefits

  1. Increase traffic

Push notifications can help you to attract more customers. You can give new updates to your users and you can increase the return rate of users on your app. It is a great way to engage users in new features, promotions, discounts, and deals.

Sometimes users download the app and don’t use it frequently. Through push notifications, you can give a gentle reminder to your users about any updates or new features. Ultimately, push notifications lead to an increase in traffic & drive conversions.

  1. To re-engage your users

High-value notifications can increase the app retention rate by 3 to 10 times. You can give real-time updates on sports score, special deals, and breaking news.

With push notifications, you can retain your users for the long term. Make sure your notifications should be worth it.

  1. Tracking customer behavior

Push notifications provide valuable information on user behavior. With push notifications, you can track the interaction times, devices, platforms and messages that generate the most engagement. You can know the response time, click-through rate and open rate.

From the analysis of users’ behavior, you can create campaigns to connect in a better way. Getting insight into users’ behavior becomes easier with push notifications.

  1. Target the right users

Many mobile apps ask for a user’s permission to access their location. This way you can send offers that are applicable to users in a specific region. Targeting users according to the country, state and city are possible.

You can target your users based on their interest area. Let’s understand this with one example:

You might have the Netflix app on your smartphone. From your interests, you might get push notifications of upcoming drama shows. Others users will be getting push notifications of other shows. Your app’s success depends upon targeting the right audience.

  1. User control

Don’t disturb your users with too many push notifications. Your push notifications should be highly targeted and relevant. With mobile settings, users can customize to stop push notifications.

Let’s say you have created an event app. Give your users facility to receive specific information about an event in your area or a specific event type. Your aim should be to provide valuable push notifications.


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