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Top 5 Android app development tools in 2018

If you are from the mobile app industry then you might be knowing that there was a time when we had no option but to code an application from scratch for every platform. The good news is innovation constantly takes place in technology. Therefore, we have been able to develop mobile apps with Android app development tools effectively. These tools can help you to develop better apps faster and also provide options such as checking performance, debugging etc. You can build your mobile apps in a few minutes.

There are number of app building platforms available that let you create high-class mobile apps without requiring the knowledge of code. In this post, we have listed down 6 effective android development tools for you:

1.  Android Studio

android studio - app development tool


Android Studio is known as official IDE (Integrated Developer Environment) for Android app development. Android Studio is the fastest tool for building any Android-driven device. Android studio has many features like – APK analyzer, fast emulator, Visual Layout Editor, Intelligent Code Editor, Flexible build system and the real-time profiler. Android Studio also supports Java, C++, and Kotlin. The project structure of Android Studio is also simple. It has different modules like – app modules, library modules, and Google App Engine Modules. Moreover, Android Studio provides the excellent user interface for the developer.

2.  Xamarin

xamarin - android app development tool

Xamarin is used for cross-platform for app development and implementations for Android. Xamarin makes it possible to implement functions like offline mode, image recognition and a large amount of local data in Android app development. This tool is useful for developing all kind of apps for all major mobile platforms such as Windows, Android, and iOSXamarin also allows communication with mobile APIs along with Indexing and Deep Linking.

3.  Unreal Engine

unreal engine - android app development tool

Unreal Engine development tool will help you to build great games. Starting from enterprise applications for cinematic experiences to high-quality games across PC, console, mobile, VR and AR – Unreal Engine is useful. Unreal Engine provides many amazing features such as Photoreal rendering in real time, C++ support, Robust multiplayer framework, Flexible material editor, Film – Quality Post-Process Effects etc. Popular games like BioshockAlien Swarm, and America’s Army were written in Unreal Engine.

4.  Genymotion

Genymotion -  android app development tool

In past, Android emulator used to be slower than the snail. Nowadays, Genymotion is a perfect Android emulator to develop high-quality Android apps. Genymotion’s flash speed allows you to test the entire code quickly. It also comes with multiple virtual machines for various Android versions. Genymotion can deal with the significant amount of Android devices. In Genymotion, it’s hassle-free to check the code with utmost ease. Since Genymotion has a large library of emulated devices – it is simply the best Android emulator.

5.  Corona

corona - app development tool

Corona is an ideal cross-platform framework to create games and apps for mobile devices as well as the desktop system. If you use Corona then you can publish your app on all major platforms from a single code base. It supports Android phones, tablets, iPhone and iPad too. Corona is an open source tool. This framework also allows developers to share their code when building and publishing to iOS, Android and Kindle. 

 “Mobile app development tools are like paint brushes for an artist – they all come down to personal preference.”

It is very important to choose the right tools to build a perfect mobile application for your purpose. You should definitely use Android development tools to boost your development productivity. Many other Android app development tools are out there such as – PhoneGap, Sencha, TheAppBuilder, and Mobile Roadie. – All are worth giving a try.

With Android app development tools – developing a mobile app will become easier, faster and convenient as well. If you are not an expert in mobile app development then you can hire our expert app developer team. Contact us today to develop an effective mobile application for your business.


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