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Top 4 Augmented Reality trends in 2018

Augmented reality (AR) is an interactive experience of a real-world environment. Augmented reality uses the capabilities of a computer-generated display, sound, and text to enhance a user’s real-world experience. AR is growing and getting accepted faster than it was expected to. Pokémon Go is a popular video game that uses AR. AR trends in 2018 will explore the potential in learning, education and training spheres. Today we are going to explore the top 4 augmented reality trends for 2018. Let’s begin:

1. Mobile AR will steal the show

mobile augmented reality trend

Apple secured its AR market leadership as it unveiled ARKit 2.0 and also brought AR to a mass audience of mobile users. Though there are some major constraints for AR in the mobile that requires attention – the availability of a ‘hero’ device, mobile connectivity capability, app-store ecosystem, and telco cross-subsidization. It is assumed that mobile AR will play a crucial role in assisting to overcome challenges and make its way in the mainstream market.

Mark Zuckerberg also suggested that –

“The phone is probably going to be the mainstream consumer platform where a lot of these AR features become mainstream, rather than a glasses form factor that people will wear on their face.”

2. Wide adoption by brands

IKEA augmented reality trend

Brand AR apps have the potential to alter the way consumers look for their items and shop online. Recently IKEA launched an AR app that allows users to scan the room and see furniture in 3D in that same room. Customers can reposition furniture, change its color and add a multitude of different 3D furniture pieces to the surrounding room. IKEA has set the standard in terms of how emerging technology can be used to accelerate consumer buying processes. AR is going to transform all aspects of the commercial landscape starting with oil and gas, construction and energy, digital healthcare and financial services. Apple and Google have completely changed the game in terms of commercialization of AR, as businesses can develop highly immersive AR apps.

3. Replacement cycles will be AR’s secret weapon

apple augmented reality trend

Nowadays, smartphone users have the habit of changing their smartphones from time to time. Although the brands like Apple and Google are concerned about the increasing gap between this replacement cycle. Usually, consumers replace the existing smartphone every 18 months, but now in some cases, the replacement cycle has touched the mark of three years. After a long time, Apple has started to experience declining iPhone revenue and sales. Therefore, the role of AR became more vital. Apple took full advantage of AR opportunity. Apple already possesses a fully integrated technology ecosystem of software, hardware, app-store, developers and retail outlets. The reason behind Apple’s good positioning in AR is the fact that there will not be any additional cost to consumers seeking to purchase an AR-enabled smartphone or tablet.

4. AR will overcome the “novelty app” stereotype

AR technology augmented reality trend

In 2018, brands will begin to view augmented reality software development as a long-term investment, not just a novelty app. AR technology can be used to stimulate a wide variety of commercial benefits such as enhancing the efficiency of existing processes, cost reduction and the ability to generate lucrative new revenue streams. As technology continues to grow, AR will begin to find its place in a brand’s business plan. Finding the right way to measure the success of an AR project will enable the technology to graduate beyond the realms of novelty apps and finds its place in the enterprise.


AR trends of 2018 will see an explosion in immersive computing. It is believed that the AR technology will break the stereotypes and create a larger space for itself in the global market. Moreover, AR can be deployed to enhance process efficiency and also solve real-world commercial issues. Augmented Reality trends allow us to browse our life as we navigate on the internet. Most of the businesses should start adjusting and find ways to take AR seriously in their marketing and business plans.


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