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Top 10 ultimate ways to make money from a website

For millions of people, websites are the major source of income. Thanks to various ways to monetize website – it is possible to make a living as a webmaster. Making money from a website is not a difficult task. Once you have a good flow of people visiting, the possibility to make money online increase. In this article, we will explain different ways to make money from your website.

1. Join an Affiliate Program

affiliate program make money from website

Affiliate marketing is an efficient way to make money. To find an affiliate program for a product – type product name + affiliate into Google. Affiliate marketing works best when paired up with email marketing. You can join affiliate programs like ShareASale, Cuelinks, and vCommission to market their products and services on your website. This works on CPL – Cost Per Lead and CPS – Cost Per Sale basis.

If you have any e-product such as course or e-book then you can create your own affiliate program. Recruit affiliates to help spread the world. It will lead to more product sale and more traffic to your website.

2. Email marketing

email marketing make money from website

There are different ways to make money from email marketing:

  • Direct email promotions
  • Deliver free reports that are monetized
  • To drive traffic back to your website

Some bloggers collect the email address of their visitors and readers. You can build and manage the list using Aweber or MailChimp. After having a large list of email address, you can send promotional emails and make money. Don’t bombard your readers with lots of emails. Send 1 or 2 emails weekly to promote the product or service you are selling. Use Optinmonster to collect emails from your visitors to turn them into subscribers. Affiliate promotion is also possible with email marketing.  If readers sign up or buy something, you get the commission.

3. Sell advertising space

sell ad space make money from website

Placing ads on your website is a popular way to earn money from the website. You can find advertisers who are willing to promote their product on your website and in return pay you. Use networking sites like BuySellAds to connect with potential marketers. There are different ways such as Pay Per Click, Pay Per 1000 view or Pay Per Time Frame.

The drawback of website advertising is – people know what advertisements look like and how to avoid clicking them. You can choose the option of pop-up ads. Use Lightbox imagery as pop-up blockers don’t detect Lightbox images as being a threat. Another way is to create a separate page. In that page, mention the advertising space along with charges that you want in return.

4. Accept donations

accept donations make money from website

If you have a strong engaged community then ask your readers to donate. A donation button on your site could be a great way to gather a bit of revenue quickly. PayPal offers little donation buttons that only take about 10 minutes to add to your website. There are many plugins available online to insert a customized message at the bottom of each article. You can spend the donation amount on a good web hosting, new product creation, and other costs to maintain an active website.

5. Write paid reviews

toluna paid reviews make money from website

There are companies who will send you free products for review. Write a review about their product or service and in return, they will pay you a decent amount. To get this kind of opportunities sign up with Toluna and SurveyBods. Writing sponsored posts on your website is also one option. It is somewhat like writing paid reviews. You need to use the name of their product in your post.

6. Sell paid directory listing

online business directory make money from website

Setup a business directory page where companies pay you a fee to have their business listed. For example, if you charge a monthly fee. Let’s say your fee is $5 monthly and you have 2000 people listed in your business directory then you will earn $10,000 monthly. The more businesses that are in your directory, the more people will be looking for specific brands.

7. Start a membership program

If you have the content that everyone wants then you can generate the good revenue stream with members-only content. Create a membership program where special contents are made available only for the members. Set reasonable charges to attract more members. Regular subscription fee or one-off access fee – choose from these two options. You can use a free WordPress plugin like bbPress. Along with content, provide additional services and facilities to your members.

8. Education program

Online training, online courses, and webinars are effective options to earn money from your website. This is another type of paid premium content where users are willing to pay to get the knowledge. If you are an expert in your field then providing education programs using various methods can be profitable for you. You can add your online course to Udemy to reach a wider customer base. Offering live training and workshop is also a good option.

9. Offer a job board

online job board make money from website

According to one research, 29% of full-time freelancers use online boards to find work. Job boards can turn out to be profitable for you as you give other companies a platform to advertise their openings. While creating job board on your website, check out ThemeForest. You will find a good collection of different job board plugins and themes. Maintaining a job board is an easy task. In the beginning, charge a low price. So that you can attract lots of customers. If they get job applications then they will be happy to return to your website. Job board helps you to bring more traffic to your website. Employment agencies and companies alike will be your potential clients. For smaller blogs, this idea is not effective.

10. Sell your website

flippa sell your website make money from website

If you have built up a following, sold few products then you can consider selling your website to someone else to make a quick buck. You can set the price of your website according to the revenue you generate from it. For example, if you are earning $500 per month then you might be able to sell it for $5000 to $10000. There are many online platforms available where you can sell your website such as Flippa, We Buy Websites and FEinternational.

Above-mentioned ways are the most popular ways to earn money from your website. If you have any other ways to monetize websites then let us know in the comment section.


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