Top 10 Best apps to manage your stress

In today’s hasty work environment, people feel stressed all the time. It is no wonder that people look for stress relief applications. There are various tools available for stress management. As we all have a smartphone, stress relief apps can be boon for us. You might not know how to manage your stress successfully. We have mentioned some of the best apps that will help you to manage your stress successfully.

1.  Headspace

headspace manage your stress

In this app, many guided meditation sessions are given. If you are a beginner in meditation for stress relief, this is the best app for you. Through headspace app, you will learn to turn off brain chatter and do meditation with peace. This app is available on both platforms – Android and iOS. In the free version, you will get ten sessions. If you love the content, you can subscribe to it.

2.  Pacifica

pacifica manage your stress

You might have heard about cognitive behavioral therapy. This app is based on that therapy. This app helps you to track your mood, daily goals and thought diary as well. To manage your anxiety easier, you can use this app. To manage your stress and anxiety, Pacifica app is a pretty good choice. You can record your own thoughts recognize which thoughts lead you to feel stressed.

3.  Happify

happify manage your stress

Do you want to improve your mood? You can try out Happify app. This application is based on scientific research. The app helps you to set specific goals. They also give tips to achieve your goals easily. To train your app, Happify is one of the best apps. Happify app is interactive and will definitely help you to manage your stress.

4.  Breath2relax

breath2relax manage your stress

Breathing is very important for your overall health. It helps to give the fight against stress. You can easily manage your stress and focus on breathing with this app. To track your breathing, this is one of the best apps. From this app, you will learn to control your breathing and reduce your stress level. To work on your breathing, you must give a try to the Breath2relax app.

5.  Personal Zen

personal zen manage your stress

Neuroscience researcher created this app. It is a game app to relieve your stress. When you will play Personal Zen for 25 minutes, you will start seeing positive benefits. This app helps you to focus on happiness and positivity. The Personal Zen app is available on both platform Android and iOS. Next time, whenever you feel stressed, download the Personal Zen app.

6.  Calm

calm manage your stress

If you are looking for ways to calm your mind, this “Calm” app is for you. This app provides you with guided meditation and some breathing exercises as well. To get faster sleep, you will get bedtime stories in this app as well. This app is available on both platforms – Android and iOS. For a calmer mind, download the “Calm” app.

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7.  The mindfulness app

the mindfullness manage your stress

You will find five types of guided meditations in this app. Starting from beginner to advance – you will find all types of meditation. Meditations start from 3 to 30 minutes. The mindfulness app offers paid version too. In the paid version, you will find meditation courses and updated content.

8.  GPS for the soul

gps for the soul manage your stress

The app uses your camera to measure your heart rate. Deepak Chopra and Arianna Huffington created this app. With this app, you can measure your stress through meditation tools. This app includes calming pictures and music as well. You can add your own quotes and music in GPS for the soul app. The app is available on Apple app store.

9.  Mood log

mood log manage your stress

How do you feel during the whole day? – This Mood log app will track that. If you are suffering from depression or stress, you should definitely download this app. This app will let you create a record of your mood so you can check it whenever you want. Mood log app will identify your mood pattern and will help you to brighten up your mood. This app is only available for Android users.

10.  My mood tracker

my mood tracker manage your stress

This app is useful to track your emotions and activities. When you become aware of your feelings, you can figure out the solutions. My mood tracker app will definitely help you to manage your mood effectively. The paid version of this app is available. You can record – sleeping time, exercise time, stress level and menstrual cycle as well. The app is available on Apple app store and for Android, you can try T2 mood tracker.


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