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Tips to convert inquiries into clients

If you are a freelancer then you might have gone through the phase of not knowing the fundamentals of converting the inquiry into clients. It is possible that you must be getting many inquiries but none of them is getting converted into clients. Or in some case customers will be visiting your website, they will also check out your services. They might even contact you for further information but in the end, you just end up with clients’ information and fail to convert your lead into clients. What can be the reason behind it? How can you increase the conversion ratio of your client? How can you hold on to your clients? How to make client coming back to you again for your valuable services?

Don’t worry! We have got your answers covered.  We have come up with some tips to convert your inquiry into client:

1 Email

It is truly said that first impression is the last impression. Let’s say you have just started out as a freelancer and you get the very first inquiry from your client through email. How you respond to this mail will determine the conversion rate your client. At the initial stage, potential client will be expecting to get more clarity of your services and packages. Make sure to give detailed information about your services. Whether the lead comes through email, call or visit – your primary aim should be to give clear information. If your potential client is satisfied with the first response from your side then only client will proceed further. Make sure your email is impressive enough to hold the client.

2 Don’t make leads wait

No clients. No income. No business. In today’s technological era, everyone has mindset of “Want it now”.  Clients don’t like to wait. If you don’t respond to them immediately then you might lose the client. Have practice of responding the mail quickly. If you are not able to answer them in the mail immediately then you can provide other options like Twitter account or your business contact number. You can set up schedule in your phone to check mails. If you have provided business contact number then answer immediately or call them back as soon as possible. Your respond time can lead you to either gain the client or lose the client. If you are getting client inquiries from all over the world then you can use platform like Skype.

3 Project requirement and pricing

Once you get the positive response from client to work with you, your very next step is to understand the project requirements. For example, if you are developing a software for client then get clarity of all their requirements and needs. Take client’s maximum inputs so that you can give them the exact result they have asked for. After having the clear idea about their project requirement – let them know about your service charge.  Include future maintenance cost and other cost arising from enhancement of the software in your overall pricing of the project. Once the project requirement and pricing has been finalized then only start working on the project so that in future no conflicts will take place among you and your client.

4 Follow up


Taking follow ups regularly is a great way to stay connected with your clients. Sending a follow-up or thank you email every year will be beneficial. By follow-up, you can let your customers know that you are thinking about them. By follow up email, you can let them know – what you have been up to and what you are working on. Tell them about your new services and ask them for feedback. You can send them tips & strategies to clients to boost their business. To make your clients get engaged, you can send questions to your clients and inspire them to respond. Follow up emails will help you to build great relationships with your clients.

5 Customer Service


Acquiring a client is not enough. Giving them the best customer care service is also an integral part to provide satisfaction to your clients. You might think that you are providing the best customer services but that doesn’t matter. What your customer thinks that’s what matters the most. How would you define great customer service? – Listening to customers’ complaints, replying to them immediately, and solving their issues. Whenever they send you an email with any questions, you should answer them as soon as possible. To provide great assistance, you can even stay available on the social media platform in case any customer tries to reach you on social media platforms. Many of the freelancers fail at providing good customer service. Consistency and building a great relationship with your clients is the key to success.

6 Listen

You get a client inquiry, you respond to them, they let you know project requirement, you give them pricing and they agree, you provide the services, your work is done. – If you are thinking that these are the ultimate steps of converting inquiries into clients, then you are mistaken. Because getting a client is not enough. Your client should keep coming back to you only – that should be your objective. How do you do that? By giving attention to your clients. Listen to their requirements and demands. Listen to the problems they are facing. It is possible that you might be able to come up with the solution. Maybe you can get another project from the same client just because you were paying attention.

7 Other services

As a freelancer, you might be offering more than one services. But how do generate awareness about your services? Simple – through emails. Let’s take an example. One client comes to you looking for a specific service. You give them details about your service and the client hires you for the project. What if your client is not aware of other services provided by you? It’s possible that the client will look for other freelancers to get the same services provided by you. Simple point is – if your client knew all the services offered by you then they don’t have to look elsewhere. So your task is to make sure sending out all the information about your services to all clients of yours. All you need to do is create an email template consisting of detail about your services. You never know which client will be requiring more than one service from you.

To give the best experience to your clients, you can use CRM or project management tool. Converting your client inquiry into the client is not the only milestone you should be focusing on. The same clients should come back to you again and again for more services. When clients start recommending your services, it’s a good sign for your business. At one point, your loyal customers will bring you new clients and will help you to expand your business. If you implement above tactics on the regular basis with each of your clients then, all your clients will be definitely satisfied by your services. Because the majority of the people like to do business with those freelancers who provide excellent services along with great customer services.

If you have any techniques to share to convert leads into clients then share your ideas on the comment box. In case, if you have any question then contact us today. We will put you on the right path.


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