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The top 10 reasons why your mobile app fails

Mobile app development industry is growing rapidly. Approximately, developers add 1,00,000 apps monthly on Google Play Store. Every app development company aims to build a successful app. You may have built an app, what‘s the point if no one downloads it? Any business can’t afford an app failure. Mobile app development companies spend an enormous amount of time, money and effort.

According to one research, 0.01% of consumer mobile apps will be considered a financial success by their developers through 2018. You have to struggle to get your app noticed in the market. The competition level is so high that one-third of mobile app engagements last less than one minute. There are various reasons behind your app’s failure. You can check out those reasons and identify which mistakes you made.

Here are the top reasons why mobile app fails:

1. Wrong platform

In mobile app development, there are two popular platforms – Android and iOS. You have to select your platform according to your target audience and the features you want to have in your app. Developing an app for Android is different than iOS. While choosing the platform, keep in mind the region of your target audience.

For example, your target users are from the U.S. In that case, you should choose an android app. According to statista, 54.4% of U.S smartphone users have an Android device. You can consider the size of the app store. Android’s Google Play Store has 3.8 million apps and Apple app store has 2 million apps.

You can decide to develop an app for multiple platforms. Make sure to build an app with platform differences in mind. Features and functionalities are different for each platform.

2. Poor ratings and negative reviews

Your users’ feedback is very essential for your app success. After all, you have developed an application to give the best experience to your users. The app crashes or any other performance arises, you will likely to get negative reviews. If your app fails to perform well, users will immediately migrate to other applications.

Most of the users have a habit of reading online reviews before they download the app. Negative reviews can kill the success of your app. Never ignore the reviews of your users. Reply to them and make necessary improvements in your app. It’s very important to get positive reviews of your app.


3. Poor UI/UX

app ui ux reasons why mobile app fails

This is one of the top reasons why your application faces failure. User interface design is a major factor in your mobile app development. Following examples are considered poor user experience:

  • Long load time
  • Long registration process
  • App performance
  • Difficulties in accessing features
  • Low-resolution images
  • Too big fonts or too small fonts
  • Broken app navigation

People will delete your application due to the unpleasant user experience. Make sure to develop your app easy-to-use, mobile friendly and intuitive. UI is the first impression of your mobile app. The UI and UX of both Android and iOS platforms are different. You have to design it according to the platform you choose.

What you can do is – have a proper user interface, careful placing of buttons, and provide high image resolution. Users will lose interest in your app if your app is not quick enough in performing key functions.

4 Ineffective app launch plan

Mobile app development is not just about designing an app and launching it on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. If your target customers don’t know about the app then how will they download the app?

You must have an effective app launch plan. Launching your app is not a one-time process. There is always a chance to re-launch the app with the newer version. SEO for apps can help you to achieve better results. Plan some pre-launch activities.

Contact reporters, bloggers, vloggers or TV pundits. To attract users to download your app, you can give a sneak peak of your mobile app. Paid marketing, social media, content marketing, video marketing, and influencer marketing – all these strategies will create an immediate effect in your app launch.

5. Lack of originality

Some apps fail to create a lasting impression in users mind. Sometimes, app developers duplicate other apps. People will not take interest in your app if it does not provide anything new than your competitors.

You can simply evaluate your competition’s strengths and weaknesses. Come up with your own USP (Unique Selling Proposition) to showcase the uniqueness of your product. Unique app with useful functions and features will definitely give you success.

6. Neglecting the competition

According to one research, it’s proved that 19% of the failures take place due to ignorance of competition. You should pay attention to what your competitors are doing and what they are not doing. Who can be your competitors? – Apps that are similar to your app idea and companies who develop similar mobile apps.

When you start to analyze your competitors, keep in mind the following points:

  • What features and functionalities they covered?
  • How many downloads they have?
  • Do they have multiple platform app?
  • What are the users’ feedback?

Once you have done proper competition analysis, you can build an app that will outsmart your competition. Gathering the data of your competitors will save time and money of your company.

7. Poor app marketing strategy

For any mobile app development industry, mobile app marketing plays a vital role in the app’s success. In the era of cut-throat competition, with effective marketing strategy, you can stand out among million apps. It is impossible for users to find your app if you don’t market your application.

Most of the app development companies make a common mistake – they spend all their time and money on the development phase. They completely miss the marketing process. There are various marketing tools which you can use like – Facebook, Twitter, email marketing, Snap Chat etc. Analyze the present marketing trends and develop your mobile app marketing strategy accordingly.

8. Improper testing

app testing reasons why mobile app fails

In mobile app development, mobile app testing will determine the success or failure of your app. Prior to launching your app, check if your app has bugs. Test your app on different platforms. Small bug issues will have a negative impact on users mind. They will uninstall your app if the app does not perform effectively.

You have to make sure at app testing stage that each app integrations are working properly or not. Test all the functionalities of your app too. Ignorance of testing will lead to failure of your app. Bug-free and smooth performance application is key to get success in mobile app development.

9. Lack of research

It’s true that for market research you will require time and effort. You have to thoroughly understand your target audience. Sometimes developers get too excited to execute their idea. They forget to do market research. It will lead them to the failure of the application.

First study your industry. Understand whether the audience might be interested in your application or not. You can use Google Adwords, Google Trends, Quantcast and Google Search Queries.

10. Improper monetization strategy

Developing the application and launching it on respective stores will not give you profit. You have to create proper monetization strategy to generate revenue out of your app. There are some effective monetization strategies you can apply. In-app purchases and in-app advertising can help you to monetize your app.

You will not be able to make further improvements and updates due to lack of monetization from your app. Improve the advertising options and put your application on other platforms. This will help you to monetize your app effectively.

Closing thoughts

Successful applications like Uber, Netflix, and Spotify did not get instant success. They didn’t make the above mistakes and kept on improving themselves. For mobile app development companies, it is crucial to develop the app that gets success for sure. Avoid the above-mentioned pitfalls and develop an amazing app.


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