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The best travel apps for Android

The best travel apps for Android will make your commute easier and organized as well. With a blink of an eye, you can gather all the required information from these travel apps and plan your trip accordingly.

1 Airbnb


Airbnb is very famous app among travelers across the globe. This app covers more than 4 million vacation home rentals across 200 countries. Whether you are looking for rooms, apartments, or tree houses – Airbnb has it all. It also lets you share your travel experiences with your friends. Airbnb is the favorite choice for the travelers.

2 Google trip

google trips

Google trip is a one-in-all travel planning app. It collects all your travel information from Gmail account and presents you the information in an organized manner. This app is also available offline. It also suggests some cool sites that might grab your attention to know more. If you are using other Google products such as Google Maps and Calendar too then this app will also collect details from both and will make your travel planning much easier.

3 TripAdvisor

trip advisor

TripAdvisor is the best app to book hotels and restaurants. It has over 100 million downloads. This app covers reviews, photos, videos and opinions posted by other travelers. You can explore the places by price range, facilities, and rating.

4 TripItTripIt

You can arrange your travel plans instantly on TripIt. It compiles all your travel information into one itinerary based on your Gmail or any other Email accounts. TripIt saves important information such as flight, hotel, and rental car reservations. TripIt is an amazing travel organizer app.

5 Skyscanner


Skyscanner is an award-winning travel app. It offers great deals on flights. This app compares prices of flights from a wide range of airlines. You can also book the flight directly through the app. It is available in more than 30 different languages.

Apart from above famous apps, there are many apps available online to make your travel more organized and hassle-free such as Mobile Passport, Accu Whether, Expensify, Kayak, Tripcase etc. If you have any travel apps to share then let us know in the comment box.


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