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The App Store Vs Google Play Store

Apple App Store and Google Play Store cover 99.6% of the global mobile market. Apps are becoming important part of business. The elements found on both platforms are same – description, logo, screenshots, image gallery, and reviews. But it does not mean that both of them are same. Many factors make the layout of these elements very different and cause some striking behavioral differences between the two stores. As a developer, you might have a question – Which platform is best for your mobile app?  We have got your answer covered. Here is the analysis of the App Store Vs. Google Play Store:

1. Security

App Store is safer in comparison to Google Play Store. Apple has strict standards on what is considered a high-quality, functional app. Apple follows quality control process. Developers must follow Apple’s stricter guidelines. The process can take less than a week. Wherein Google Play Store is quicker than the App Store.

Moreover, you have the option of pre-reviewing your app at Google Play as you can activate pre-launch reports within your Developer Console. Appbrain revealed that there are more than 3, 37,000 low-quality apps on Google Play Store. This does not happen in the App Store. Apple App Store is considered free from any sort of malware.

2. User-friendly

Apple apps are not as easily visible as Google’s apps. App Store searches only by keywords listed by the developer. In Apple world, you have to download your app to each device manually. As it doesn’t automatically download to all of your Apple-owned devices. In contrast, Android has the convenient feature of downloading applications to all of your devices. Moreover, the visibility of apps is easier in the Google Play Store. Google Play categorizes their apps for easy searching. In short, Google Play Store is more user-friendly rather than App Store.  

3. Cost

Google Play Store’s initial cost of registration is only $25. So it becomes more affordable to the developer to submit the app. Also, $25 is the one-time fee. While the Apple App Store has high-quality standards. Apple charges 99$ a year to the developers. You have to pay every year in the Apple App Store. In the Apple App Store – developers get 70% of the sales of the app. Apart from cost, the returns can get substantially higher if the app got popular with the masses.  

4. Reviews and refunds

App Store follows an easy ranking system. The higher the ratings of the apps, the higher Apple will promote them. But in the App Store, users must rate your iOS app at least 3 times a year. While in Google Play Store this kind of limitation is not there. Because of Google+ integration, users are still able to leave comments written by their friends. Google Play Store’s refund policy is strict. As your request can be reviewed and refunded within 2 hours from the date of purchase. Where Apple App Store’s refund policy is quite attractive as users have 14 days. Though this policy is only allowed for customers in the European Union and other regions. 

5. Social

Google puts friends’ personal recommendations and reviews front and center. Google Play Store is more social and it gives a personal insight on which apps to purchase. When it comes to Apple, downloading app is an individual experience. Customer reviews are there on Apple App Store but they are not as discoverable as Google. Apple already assures good-quality apps. Yes, you can share your recommendations on Facebook, but it is not the same as using the in-house system.


Both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store has their own advantages and disadvantages. Developers have to analyze both platforms individually to understand – what exactly they want out of their app. For example –

In the App Store, the users need to focus first on the image gallery. While in Google Play Store, they have to focus on both videos and featured graphics content with high priority. After analyzing each factor of both platforms, developers should finalize their choice – App Store or Google Play Store. If you want to build an app which could be featured on one of the app stores then contact us today.


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