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Spotify launches Lite version of its application on Android

Spotify is a popular music streaming platform. Over the past few months, many top apps started focusing on Lite version of the app for the users who use metered mobile data. Many of the popular apps you might be using already like Facebook Lite, Instagram Lite. Now along with all these apps, Spotify has also joined the club of Lite version by introducing Spotify Lite.

Spotify lite appSpotify Lite is significantly smaller in the size at it weighs only 15 MB. Wherein the main Spotify app takes up to 100 MB space into your device. Though new Spotify Lite doesn’t have all crucial features. Spotify Lite has considered only bare minimum features required for the app. It is basically a cut-down version of a full app. The main reason behind launching Spotify Lite is to save up the storage space on your smartphone.

Compromises come along with slimmed down apps. Spotify Lite is missing some of the key features. For example – offline playback is not possible. Extreme quality playback is not possible. Moreover, Spotify connect feature does not exist in Spotify Lite. No premium features are included in Spotify Lite. It will definitely disappoint Spotify premium users. Though we can expect that Spotify team will add more features in future updates of Spotify Lite.

Spotify is working constantly working on many elements and features to attract more users. There are few good things about Spotify we can consider such as – Spotify team redesigned the “Now playing” screen and a new search UI. Spotify Lite also offers data control option which allows users to set monthly data limit. The users who love the lightweight apps and want to save storage space – will love Spotify Lite. Uber is also on the way to join Lite club by introducing Uber Lite.

Spotify Lite app is still in test mode. Spotify’s Spokeperson stated –

“At Spotify, we routinely conduct a number of tests in an effort to improve our user experience. Some of those tests end up paving the path for our broader user experience and other serves only as an important learning. We aren’t going to comment on specific tests at this time.”

This app is still in testing mode and only available in Brazil as of now. You can try Spotify Lite app by downloading from Google Play Store. Though whether it will be available for you or not depends upon your location.


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