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Snapchat launches its first speech recognition lenses

Snapchat continues to experiment with its augmented reality lenses. Recently Snapchat confirmed that it will launch new lenses that respond to voice commands. Snapchat keeps on working to improve the app. Therefore, Snapchat launches its first speech recognition lenses. Some lenses will ask users to say words like “hi”, “love” or “Wow” which will cause the lenses to animate.

For example, saying “hi” in the new lens will launch an animation that surrounds you with a flock of chatty birds. Just like that “love” will play cheesy jazz music and “yes” creates a zoom effect. While “no” puts you in an infinite photo tunnel and “wow” puts a bow on your head and surrounds you with the word.


The company has offered lenses that involve audio before, but this is the first time that it has created lenses that actually recognize words. Though it is also true that the animated lenses could prove popular with video, using the keywords to add the effect at a specific point in the recording. The lenses also work for taking stills, before, after or during the animation.

Snapchat also said that it will begin to make around five to six of these new lenses available to users within the next week. The new lenses are similar to the speech recognition triggered AR stickers found in the Panda video app.

Unique lenses have always been one of Snapchat’s biggest differentiators. Snapchat has continuously pushed the bar forward in this area by creating lenses that take advantage of camera technology and augmented reality in new ways. Snapchat has also launched things like – World Lenses, Bitmoji, lenses that can change the sky, paint the world around you and much more.

Moreover, Instagram recently got into branded AR filters. Although, Instagram’s lenses are not as unique or well-designed as Snapchat. Snapchat may not have the size and scale of Facebook’s app empire, but it does have the younger audience. They are going to love this new feature.


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