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Pros and Cons of Choosing Angular JS

Should you choose Angular JS or not?

What is Angular JS?

To build web applications, people use many types of frameworks. Angular JS framework is one of the popular open-source frameworks. It is developed by Google. You can convert HTML documents into dynamic content with this framework. You can build various types of applications through this framework. For example, travel apps, video-streaming apps, weather apps, and user-review apps. This framework provides many amazing features such as:

  • MVC structure
  • Testing
  • Dependency injections
  • Directives
  • Templates



1. Two-way data binding

Because of two-way data binding, engineers can reduce the development time. As with this framework, you don’t require to write additional code. The framework offers faster data-binding. Whatever changes you make – will be displayed in the model instantly. Data separation is simple in this framework. It makes your UI a pleasing experience. It helps to improve performance.

2. Use of directives

By using directives, Angular JS keep the scripts organized. Developers can assign special behaviors to DOM. Engineers can easily create dynamic content with HTML. This framework offers pre-defined directives as well. Or developers can create custom directives.

3. Community

This framework is developed by Google. So there is a huge community of Google engineers. You can learn from them. Whatever challenges you face in the development phase, they will help you to tackle the issue. Because of a huge community, this framework is becoming popular. You can find training materials and third-party tools to use this framework. If you are an expert in the framework – you can take part in discussions as well.

4. The MVVM architecture

This framework implements the Model-View-View model. It helps to lay strong foundations for app performance. With this framework, complex web app becomes easy to manage.

5. Faster development

Angular JS framework saves your development time and effort. Once you learn it thoroughly, app development becomes easier.


1. Difficult to learn

In comparison to other frameworks, this framework is difficult to learn. You will find limited documentation for it. There are multiple features available for one simple task. Sometimes it creates confusion. So you have to be ready to spend more time learning this framework. In case, you don’t have time for learning, you can hire professionals for your project.

2. Lagging UI

There is one major issue with this framework. Let’s say suddenly or on regular basis your application has high-traffic. In this scenario, your app UI will start lagging. Angular JS framework has some limitations. Big data grids and lists are included.

3. Some confusions

For a new learner, Angular JS framework can create confusions. As there are many ways to perform a certain task. So new learner can’t decide which way is better for a specific task. So in order to have the proper benefit of this framework, a learner has to develop in-depth knowledge. As mentioned earlier, it is a little bit difficult to learn.

4. JavaScript issue

For example, in your laptop or computer, if JavaScript is disabled, you will not be able to access a website or web app made with Angular. So from the developer point of view, you will want to reach maximum users right? In case, you have made a website or app with Angular JS then you won’t be able to reach all users. Instead of this framework, if you use HTML then you will not face this issue.

5.  Performance issue

Angular JS is a complicated framework. Sometimes apps made in this framework lack good performance. Not just dynamic apps, but single page apps can have lags and issues while performing. You definitely don’t want to give bad user experience. So from the user point of view, sometimes this performance issue can create a bad impression.

Final words

For dynamic web apps, you can definitely use Angular JS framework. Make sure you keep the drawbacks of this framework in mind. Yes, it is not easy to learn but sure it does have some amazing features. From a company point of view, it saves your time and cost saving as well. There are many alternatives frameworks available but Angular JS is much better. You can try out your new project in Angular JS.


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