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Must have Android tools for developers

If you want to improve your app development productivity and build better applications then continue reading. In this article, we are going to share some of the best Android tools. These tools will help you to save time and build high-quality apps. Check out the following Android tools to develop apps like a pro:

1. Vysor

If you don’t like to develop apps on an emulator but want the ease of it, then you should definitely check out Vysor. It mirrors your real device on your PC. You can also show live app demos on big TV screens and projectors easily using this tool.

2. Stetho

Stetho is a powerful open-source debugging platform for Android. It is developed by Facebook. It helps you to inspect the SQLite database. With Stetho, you can also monitor network operations. You can even check the complete view hierarchy.

3. LeakCanary

LeakCanary is developed by Square. It is a powerful memory leak detection tool. You have to set it up only once. After that, it will automatically start giving you notifications whenever memory leaks happen in your app. It will also help you to fix the memory leak.

4. AVD Manager

AVD Manager is the short form for Android Virtual Device. This tool manages the Android Virtual Device configurations you use to configure emulator instances. It allows developers the ability to work with all types of Android devices to test responsiveness and performance on different versions.

5. Source Tree

Source Tree makes any app developer’s trump card making his work on Git as efficient as it can get. It is a clean and simple tool to make Git great again. You can visualize all your changes, commits and branches in a beautiful way. You don’t need to write single command in the command-line. Developers can boost their productivity by using Source Tree.

6. InstaBug

InstaBug takes “bug hunting” to a new level. It encourages users to share video, audio recordings, screenshots and detailed logs. This tool will help you to identify bugs and fix the bugs easily.

7. Fabric

Fabric offers a suite of tools. This tool helps you to build, deploy and grow your apps faster with minimal efforts. Fabric makes your Android app’s functionality fast and easily. Companies like Uber, Spotify, Square, and Yelp have utilized Fabric in developing their mobile application.

8. NimbleDroid

NimbleDroid is a testing platform that allows you to check memory leaks, bugs, and other issues. It automatically tests various user flows of your app. NimbleDroid helps to speed up the overall QA process. Companies like Yahoo, Mozilla, and Pinterest have used NimbleDroid to test their applications.

9. Gradle

Gradle is the most popular development tool to create the large-scale application. It is based on Apache Maven and Apache Ant. In Gradle, it is very easy to add external libraries using a single line of code. Gradle helps developers build, automate and deliver better software faster.

10. Takt

Takt is a tiny library which you can use to check the FPS of every corner of your app. This library also helps you to spot down bugs right in its development phase. So that your users can have better experience.

There are hundreds of Android tools available. You can choose the right tools according to your preferences and requirements. Above Android tools will definitely make your app development process faster and efficient.


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