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Most useful Websites & Tools for iOS developers

If you are a beginner in iOS app development and you have recently started developing iOS application then it might seem tricky task for you. Knowing the right tools and websites for iOS app development make your life easier and will save your precious time too.  There are some useful websites and tools available which can make you more productive and let you focus on app’s important functionalities.

Following is the curated list of resources of iOS app development which can be helpful from the very beginning phase of app development process and will be useful to solve issues that may arise while app development.

Websites & Tools for iOS developers

How can you develop an iOS app quickly in an efficient way? Which are the tools that can be pretty useful while development phase of iOS app? We have identified some of the best resources for you:



Xcode is official IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for Swift developed by Apple. Latest Xcode 10 includes everything you need to create amazing apps for Apple platforms. It is powerful coding platform for products across Apple’s range such as – iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch & Apple TV. Xcode is a smooth tool for iOS development. It makes app development process faster and efficient. Xcode also auto-completes entire syntax and indicates its functionalities too.



AppCode is an amazing development tool developed by JetBrains. AppCode supports various languages such as – Swift, C++, JavaScript as well as objective C. AppCode constantly monitors the quality of your code. AppCode provides coding assistance and it analyses the code to highlight the errors. AppCode takes care of your routine tasks and saves your time from extra typing. AppCode is fully compatible with Xcode. It exhibits seamless integration with Jira, CocoaPods, Git, Reveal, and Subversion. AppCode also offers 30-day free trial.

For designing

app designing


Whether you are developing an iOS application or Android application, there are great tools available on the web to design awesome apps. With those design tools, you can create efficient iOS apps. For example, Laudable apps will showcase all best iOS designs and flat design examples available. Laudable apps can be pretty useful for iOS developers. You can even use Zeplin. Zeplin will save the time of both designers and developers as well. As Zeplin is a collaboration tool between designers and developers. Zeplin goes beyond the design workflow and allows designers to upload their wireframes or visual designs straight from the Sketch. Apart from Laudable apps and Zeplin, you can use Flawless to achieve the best possible visual quality. It helps you to deliver polished iOS apps by comparing expected design with actual implementation right inside iOS stimulator. With Flawless application, you can automatically capture an animated GIF.

For iOS app testing

app testing

Once you have developed an iOS application, you will need to test the app before releasing it in the market. Testing is the most important phase of entire app development life-cycle. Before you release the app, it is very crucial to find the bugs and fix it. Appium is an open source test automation framework popular among iOS developers. Appium supports multiple languages like Java, Python, Ruby, Objective C, PHP etc. Appium runs on numerous devices and emulators. Therefore, Appium becomes the obvious choice for mobile automation. Apart from Appium, UI Automation is an automated testing tool developed by Apple. UI automation comes with many benefits such as – better libraries, best-performing testing features, and integration support with other frameworks. To use UI automation, you will need to use tool that comes with Xcode. Though, UI automation is considered difficult to use.  Moreover, it only supports JavaScript, no any other languages.


In iOS app development, third-party iOS libraries can save your precious time. Each library offers different tools to enhance the iOS app. Libraries help programmers to speed up the development process. There are many libraries available on the web. For example, SnapKit is a DSL to make Auto Layout easy on both iOS and OS X. If you are starting Swift project then you should definitely use SnapKit. PromiseKit is a swift implementation of promises. PromiseKit makes asynchronous operations composable. PromiseKit also includes wrappers for many of the common iOS SDK classes and easy error handling. Moreover, Githawk and LocalizationKit also can be very useful to iOS developers. Keep exploring libraries so that your app development process becomes easier.

For iOS app screenshots

appure - app screenshot

After completion of iOS app development, you will need to have various sizes of screenshots for iPhone & iPad. There are various types of web-based tools available to create iPhone screenshots. helps you to generate customized screenshots. It lets you customize various layouts, fonts, markups, shadows etc. Designing app screenshots with Appure is easy. LaunchKit is also screenshot builder to design custom screenshots for app stores. After joining Google, LaunchKit is now available as an open source and you can get it on Github. Apart from Appure and LaunchKit, Davinci is an awesome tool to capture screenshots. It offers customized templates, colors, fonts, devices framed with image size requirements from app stores.

For demo video creation

techsmith appshow

After launching your iOS app in the market, how can you increase the visibility of your application? Creating app demo video is an effective strategy to promote iOS application. Demo videos demonstrate the features, functionalities and user interface. TechSmith AppShow is an amazing tool to create demo videos. Ezvid is also popular screen recording and video creation platform. Ezvid provides high resolution in each video creation. Ezvid’s screen recording tool allows to produce computer narration of your video to engage users effectively.

There are various tools available for each phase of app development process. For example, if you want to know how your iOS app is ranking on Apple store then you can use Applyzer tool. It is very easy to use. All you have to do is create your account and add your application ID. Your app’s ranking will be displayed immediately. Crayons plugin is also useful for the creation of attractive iOS application. Crayon allows you to access custom colors that have been defined in the code.

We have prepared the list of some popular tools among iOS developers. The more you dig into web-based tools, the more useful tools you will be able to explore. Please share your thoughts and let us know if you have any tools to add on which can be useful for iOS developers.


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