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Mobile & In-App advertising trends that will shape 2018

Mobile has become an inevitable part of our life. Mobiles are getting smarter day by day. Mobile app usage and app downloads are increasing. Advertising agencies are finding new methods for in-app advertising.

To build a successful mobile marketing strategy can be a difficult task. You have to keep yourself updated with mobile advertising trends. This way you will be able to create an effective marketing strategy. Here, we have described some of latest mobile in-app advertising trends to look out for in 2018:

1. Mobile video advertising

mobile video advertising trends

Advertisement formats are facing revolution. Video ad format is becoming more popular. Video ads are high in demand. According to one research, 87% of online marketers are using video content. Video advertising is going to be an important part of a mobile advertising strategy.

Your video ad should be interactive to have a greater impact on the user’s mind. Nowadays marketers are preferring dynamic videos over static banners. Video marketing will outpace the rest of the trends. You should definitely add video ads to your mobile advertising strategy.

2. Transparency

transparency mobile advertising trends

Advertisers deserve to know where their dollars are being spent. They have the right to know how the app publishers are advertising their apps. Viewability provides trust signal to marketers.   Professionals should be willing to add transparent mobile advertising trends in their business.

We all know about fake news scandals. This kind of practices is a dark side of transparency. You have to stand against the scandal around fake news. In the upcoming future, advertisers have to consider transparency in their ads.

3. Bar on Cookie tracking

bar on cookie tracking mobile advertising trends

You must be familiar with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Privacy concerns are becoming serious. Software companies and Government is taking a tough call on data tracking through cookies. Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP), ad blockers and “Coalition for better ads” initiatives are taking place in the market.

Above-mentioned initiatives are taking a toll on cookie tracking technology. Advertisers have to rethink how they execute programmatic campaigns.

4. Rise of AR

AR mobile advertising trends

Augmented reality is rewarding innovation. It lets us go beyond the conventional boundaries. One study states, – there will be 1 billion AR users by the end of 2020. AR services is under continuous growth.

With AR technology, mobile advertising companies will penetrate better into their users’ mind. We can expect that mobile marketers will use AR in an exciting way. AR can be a better way to engage consumers by physically inserting your product into their immediate environment.

5. Rising eCPMs

ecpms mobile advertising trends

According to a research by Goodway Group, mobile eCPMs will rise 4% month over month throughout 2018. The eCPMs means “effective cost per mile”. It features the ad revenue generated by a campaign. With eCPMs, advertisers will be able to evaluate their monetization strategy.

Users are spending more time on their favorite apps and browsers. Advertisers can increase their valuation of apps as an advertising medium. The calculation of eCPMs is pretty simple. Follow the formula given as under:

eCPMs = (Total earnings/Total impressions) x 1,000

6. User-oriented content

user oriented content mobile advertising trends

The advertising trend is changing. Crafting common advertisement campaign will not be effective anymore. The consumers pay less attention to generic advertisements. The trend is about creating personalized advertisement campaigns.

There are lots of channels available that offer personalized data. With this data, marketers can know the personal preferences of their audience. This way marketers can customize the advertising campaign.

7. The focus will be on convenience

user convenience mobile advertising trends

As a mobile marketer, your focus should be on users’ convenience. Nowadays users love seamless experience. If your brand makes people’s lives better, you will see high returns on the performance ad spend.

Take an example of fast food and delivery services. They can focus on users’ convenience through location-based recommendations, e-commerce integrations and in-app ordering. Mobile marketers’ advertising campaign should be taking care of users’ convenience.


Mobile advertising helps marketers to produce effective marketing campaigns. Above-mentioned trends are in practice by some prominent mobile app advertising companies. Marketers have to adopt these trends and make changes in their advertising strategies. This way marketers will be able to expand their reach.


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