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iPhone users now can send WhatsApp group messages using Siri

WhatsApp for iPhone has been updated to version 2.18.80. It lets you send messages directly by using Apple’s voice assistant Siri. Earlier Siri interaction was limited to individual chat messages. With the updated version, iPhone users now can send WhatsApp group messages using Siri. You don’t need to access WhatsApp on your Apple device and then type the message for your WhatsApp groups.

Just open Siri by calling it out or by pressing and holding the home button. After that, give a command to Siri – “Send the message to WhatsApp group name”. Siri will automatically list the group names. Tap the group you want to send the message and just speak out your message. If there are multiple groups with the similar name then Siri will show all groups in the list. Once you have selected the group then you will be able to dictate your message to Siri and Siri will confirm with you again before sending the message to the group.

Sending messages through Siri is as easy as it sounds. The new update is also adding media preview feature on iOS notification.  With this new update, you no longer need to open your WhatsApp every time to see photos or GIFs. According to the report, users will be able to download images and GIFs directly from the notification. WhatsApp has also introduced new a group setting where only admins can send messages to the group. To enable this setting, open Group info and tap group settings then go to send messages and select “Only Admins.”

There are no additional features added in the update. The 2.18.80 version still weighs heavy with 110.8 MB. The updated version of WhatsApp is available for download through Apple app store. WABetaInfo also claimed that the new feature works for iOS 10 and newer versions.


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