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How to submit your Android app to Amazon App Store?

So, you have developed an amazing Android app. Now you must be thinking about launching it on Google Play Store. The good news for you is – now Android market is not limited to Google Play Store. You can publish your app on Amazon App Store too. According to Statista, at present more than 4,32,900 mobile apps are available on Amazon App Store. If you have decided to publish your Android App on Amazon App Store then your first question will be – “How to submit an app?” The very first requirement is joining the Amazon developer program.

Follow these steps to publish your Android free or paid app in the Amazon App Store:

1 Registration

To upload Android application first, you will need a developer account. If you are not already part of Amazon Developer Console then registration will be required. Registration is a very easy process where you have to submit your basic personal information.

How to submit your Android app to Amazon App Store? 1

If you have already registered yourself then you can directly log into the Amazon Developer Console. While setting up your account, there is one aspect you need to consider at this stage that is an in-app purchase. If you want to monetize your amazon app then configure payment options at this stage. In order to monetize your app, you will need to fill out tax information. If you have chosen in-app purchase option then you will get 70% of the revenues. Ignore this step if you are not going to monetize the app.

2 Add new app

Once you have created a developer account, the next step is to click on “App & Services”. After that click on “Add New App”.add new app

3 Choose the platform

At this step, you are supposed to select the app platform. As you have developed Android app – choose Android from given options.choose the platform

4 Prepare application

The next step is to provide detail information about your application. You are supposed to fill up information such as – App title, app category, and contact informationnew app submission

5 Fill in other important information

At this step, you will need to fill in general information of the application. After that complete filling up availability & pricing information of your app, description of the app. You can add images in images & multimedia tab. The last-second sub-tab is content rating. After filling up all information, you will see that all tabs will be green marked.

adding application

6 The approval process

After submitting all required information, your app will be reviewed by Amazon team. Amazon team usually takes 6 days to review the app. Although, review time varies for a different application. At this stage, various types of validations and tests are done on the Amazon platform. You can check the status of your application on Amazon App Store such as – under review, pending, approved, live or rejected. Once your app review procedure has been completed by Amazon team and it doesn’t consist of any issues, they will release your app on Amazon App Store.

7 Updating an Existing app

Once your app is live on Amazon App Store, you can submit updated versions of your application. To submit updated version, you don’t have to go through above procedure once again. All you have to do is sign in to your Amazon Developer Account, go to the dashboard where you will be able to see the list of apps you have created. Now click on “Add upcoming version”. You can edit the information such as general information, availability & pricing, description, images & multimedia, and content rating. In the end, fill out the binary file tab and click on save and submit your app. You can even add release notes.

If you still have any questions regarding app submission process on Amazon App Store, then you can check out Amazon FAQs. Apart from Google Play Store and Amazon App Store, there are many other platforms are available to submit your app. Share your experience of publishing the application on different app stores with us in the comment box.


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