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How to start a WordPress blog?

Creating a WordPress blog is not a difficult task. The process is very simple and easy to follow. To start a WordPress blog, there are some basic requirements that you need to fulfill. You must have a domain name and web hosting account. Bluehost is the oldest web hosting company. If you have used Bluehost then follow the steps given below to start a blog:

1. Install WordPress

On Bluehost website, you will see different services and features. Scroll down to the website section and click on the WordPress icon.

install wordpress

Quick install screen for WordPress will appear. Click on the Get Started button. Next step will be to select your domain name. Choose the domain from the dropdown and click next. Enter your site name, username, and password for your site. And click install.

click install wordpress

The Quick Install will start installing WordPress. Once WordPress is finished installing, click on the Installation Complete link. It will take you the screen with your login URL and password.

log in wordpress

2. Select your WordPress theme

Theme matters a lot. It is a visual appearance of your WordPress blog. You can customize the look and feel of your blog. Go to the dashboard and click on appearance. Click on themes. Go to “Add new” and you will be able to explore 5600+ free WordPress themes. You can find categories by using filters such as popular, latest and featured.

wordpress theme

Explore all the themes you like. You will find the preview button on each theme. By clicking on the preview button, you can see how the theme would look on your website. You can customize colors, typography and other elements. Select your theme. Click on install button and wait for the theme to be installed.

install theme

Once you have installed the theme, you can customize it the way you like. Now you are all ready to create your first blog post.

3. Create your first blog post

We assume that you have selected the theme of your choice. You have customized the theme. The next step is about creating your first blog. Click on the Posts. Go to “Add menu”.  One editor area will appear where you will be able to write your first blog post.

write blog on wordpress

You can edit your writing in the editor area. Adding gallery, audio and video files is possible in this section. On the right side of the screen, you will see the Publish button. Go to the publish button and click on it. Your first blog post will be published instantly.

publish blog on wordpress

4. Plugins & Customizations

To write an effective blog, you will need to add new features. To add features in your blog, you have to use plugins. WordPress offers over 55,000 plugins. There is a plugin for every single feature. You can install the plugin as per your requirement.

For example, you want to have a contact form on your blog. The popular plugin is WPForms Lite. To install a plugin, follow the given steps below:

First, go to Plugins. Click on “Add New”. Type WPForms in the search box. Click on “install” and then activate it. To create your first form go to WPForms and click on “Add New”.

wpforms addnew wordpress

WPForms builder interface will appear on the screen. Next step is to enter a name of your contact form. Various form options will appear on the screen. Click on the “Simple Contact Form” template.

simplecontact form wordpress

WPForms will create a simple contact form for you. You can change the fields or add the new fields as per your requirement. After completing the editing in form, click on the save button. Exist from the form builder.

contact form save wordpress

Once you are done with the contact form, go to the Pages. Click on “Add new”. Give a page name as “Contact”.  In the editor area of your blog, you will see “Add form” button.

add form wordpress

When you click on “Add form”, one pop up will appear on your screen. Select the form you created earlier. Click on the “Add form” button.

select add form wordpress

You will be able to see the form shortcode into your page. To be sure, save your page and publish it. Now visit your blog in the browser. Check your contact form is in action or not. Creating a blog in WordPress is very easy if you follow the above steps properly.


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