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How to make an app go viral?

Do you want your app to go viral? Do you want to win permanent space in smartphone users through your app? How can you drive more downloads and make your app go viral? Are you wondering about what makes some apps go right to the top charts? How can you make sure that your app go viral? Well, in this article we have tried to figure out answers to all your questions.

We truly understand that every app startup founder has the dream of getting his app viral through millions of downloads. But remember, the app doesn’t go viral by accident. It is not a cakewalk. Standing out among 2.6 million apps is not an easy task. You have to reach to the right target audience and implement right strategies to make your app go viral. Before we start understanding strategies to make your app go viral, we need to understand the basics of virality.

What is virality?

Due to the quality of an app, users will share the app across different platforms and channels of communication. This sharing is known as virality or viral sharing. In specific terms, viral sharing is about the tendency of the image, video, specific information or mobile app to be circulated rapidly and widely from one internet users to another due to the quality of the app. If your app goes viral then each user will bring one or more users. Viral sharing is kind of free advertisement where you don’t need to decide the specific budget for the advertisement. To make your app go viral, you will need to plan out detailed effective strategies.

In this guide we are going to give you tips on how to generate and maintain the viral success of your mobile application:

1 Create something valuable

Before you start dreaming about going your app viral, ask yourself – Does your application offer something interesting or worth sharing? Why will users share your app? Does your app provide helpful information to users? Create something worthy for your users so that they can share it on social media with their friends and family. If users love your app then, they will start sharing immediately. Considering psychological aspect, positive emotions drive more sharing. Because emotional arousal is the main reason people start sharing any information or application. Therefore, create an application that is worth sharing. Your app should attract users to download it immediately.

2 Get the benefit of multiple platforms

Let’s assume that you have a great app idea. So, you have developed an app for the Android platform. If you want to expand your target market then why not build an app in iOS version?  If your app will be supporting both Android and iOS platform then all kind of smartphone users will be able to access your app. This way you can increase the chances of your app’s success. Moreover, if you have studied popular apps on app store then you might have noticed that all popular apps support both Android and iOS platforms.

3 Social media sharing

Sharing your app on various social media platforms such as – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can lead to a boost in your downloads as well as virality. Even social media influencers can help you to make your app go viral. Nowadays, every person is using at least one social media platform. You can even provide social media sharing button on your app. So that users can share information from your app on their social media platforms. Social media sharing is beneficial for your customers, your brand, and your marketing team too. If your app goes viral on any of the social media platforms then the app downloads can increase drastically. You can run some free contests on social media before launching the app. Contests and rewards immediately grab users’ attention.

4 User friendliness

What if your users can not understand how your app works? People don’t like to waste more time to know how your app works. The user interface is very crucial part of your mobile. Therefore, your mobile app should be easy to understand. Make sure that your app design is intuitive so that users will love the overall experience and they will invite their friends to use your app. All features should be easily accessible to users. For example – if your app consists of too many buttons for social media sharing then users will get confused. So provide only 2 or 3 options. Simple user interface design can help to make your app go viral. The best example of simple user interface design is 2048 – a puzzle game app. Simplicity is the key of app virality.


5 Reward users for sharing

It is not necessary to give monetary rewards to your users as Airbnb does on inviting a friend. You can start with giving small rewards to your users every time they share your content or app. Give your users reasons to share and they will turn out to be a great marketing team of your app. There are many types of rewards which you can offer according to your app category such as – exclusive content, extra lives, additional storage, free upgrade, in-app currency, free extra features etc. This way users will become more loyal and share your app with their friends and family. According to one research, 84% of people tend to download the apps which offer rewards. A referral strategy is an effective strategy to make your app go viral. Quora, Dropbox and Candy Crush Saga have used amazing strategies to reward their users.


Making your app go viral is not an easy task. If virality was easy then, there will be no need of advertisement in the mobile app industry. You have to start planning virality strategies from the beginning of an app development. Implementing strategies is not enough, you should keep tracking the performance of an app so you can modify the strategies if needed. App success is all about providing amazing user experience and maintaining the quality of your app.

If you are thinking about creating a viral mobile app, contact us today. Our expert mobile app development team will help to bring your app idea to life.


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