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How to make a low-maintenance garden?

Do you wish to create a low-maintenance garden that is easy to look after and still look gorgeous? If your answer is yes then read further. Growing a gorgeous garden requires planning and continuous maintenance. Finding time for weeding, watering and mowing the lawn and pruning can prove to be a difficult task for many people. Still, everyone wants their garden to look neat and tidy where they can spend time relaxing. The question arises – How do you create a low-maintenance garden?

Here are some simple ways to make a low-maintenance garden:

1. Ditch the lawn


A smooth, green lawn makes your garden beautiful for sure but the maintenance of lawn requires lots of time and efforts. In addition, small and awkward shaped areas of the lawn take longer to mow. We are not suggesting you to completely get rid of the lawn but what you can do is scale back the size of your lawn. Deep gravel or stone paths are better for walkaways rather than the lawn. They drain water easily and don’t require constant maintenance like the lawn.

2. Choose the right plants

plants for low-maintenance garden

Some plants require less maintenance in comparison to other plants still, gives beautiful flowers in a short time-span. Many trees and shrubs are easy to grow and require low maintenance. While choosing the plants, make sure they are suitable for your garden’s soil type, climate, and size. Choose hardy and tough plants that can survive in any kind of weather. Evergreens plants are the best option. If you want to make a colorful garden then you can consider low maintenance plants such as – Vinca Major, Cistus, Aucuba Japonica, Pyracantha and Viburnum Davidii.

3. Plant some bulbs

Once you have planted the bulbs, no need to look after them for a longer period of time. They require minimum maintenance. You can plant lots of bulbs in your garden throughout the space. You can even have beautiful plants for every season. For summer, you can have dahlias, gladioli, calla lilies and crocosmias. Before buying bulbs make sure to check the quality of bulbs.

4. Hedge your bets

Shrubs also require low maintenance. It only requires occasional trimming. In traditional gardens, shrubberies are very popular. But if you are thinking about giving a contemporary look to your garden then use shrubs as low and medium height hedges. Low hedges are great for edging borders as it hides the weeds and dormant plants.

5. Avoid containers

You might be thinking that containers are good options to for keeping things neat and tidy. But the truth is – plants in a container needs more maintenance. Planting up, feeding, watering, repotting and handling requires much time and effort.

To create a low maintenance garden where everyone can enjoy is not a difficult task. You don’t need to have a rigorous time-table and maintenance session diary to maintain your garden. When you are going for a low maintenance garden, you don’t need to sacrifice a lot. If you choose the right layout and the right plants for your garden then you can definitely have a gorgeous garden. Just start following the above tips, sit back, relax and enjoy your garden experience. For more gardening tips check out Off Grid World.

If you have any tips to share to make garden life easier then let us know in the comment box.


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