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How to display all your WordPress posts on one page?

Your blog is getting famous. You are having a fair amount of quality content on your blog. For readers’ convenience, you want to display all your blogs on the page. How can you do it on your WordPress blog? In this article, we will explain how to display all your WordPress posts on one page.

When will you need to display all WordPress posts on a page?

  • Special purpose small site

For example, you have an event site where you want to show all the posts on just one page.

  • Sitemap page

You want to create a user readable sitemap page where users can find all the posts.

  • Archive page

You can create a custom archive page where you can list all the posts on a single page as a consolidated list for the users.

There are various ways to display your WordPress posts on a single page. You can use a plugin, shortcode or custom template. Here we will describe all three methods in detail:

1. Using Simple Yearly Archive plugin

You will get tired scrolling down to see all the posts one screen. It will take too much time. Instead, you can display a post list each year. Users can click on a particular year to expand it and see the posts published that year. Follow the steps given below:

The first step is to install and activate the Simple Yearly Archive plugin. Go to the settings and click on Simple Yearly Archive plugin to configure plugin settings.

simple yearly archive plugin wordpress

You will get various options in this plugin. Displaying posts under links to yearly archive is possible or you can show posts under collapsible years.

Add “div” tag next to option “before/after (year headline)”, when you want to show posts under collapsible years. Other plugin options are easy to understand. Click on the save button to store your settings.

To display all your posts on one page – add Simple Yearly Archive shortcode to any page.

simple yearly archives plugin example wordpress

The plugin offers various parameters to use in the shortcode. You can check out parameters on plugin’s documentation page.

2. Using Display Posts Shortcode Plugin

You will need to install and activate the Display Posts Shortcode Plugin. There are no settings to configure in this plugins. Create a new page. Give a name “Archives” or any other title you like. Next step is to paste the following shortcode to your page:

[display-posts posts per page=”1000” order=”DESC”]

This shortcode will display a list of all your post titles in a chronological order. This code is set to display maximum 1000 posts per page.

list all posts shortcode plugin wordpress

You can show more than 1000 posts. Showing posts in reverse chronological order is possible.

This plugin lets you display excerpts, thumbnails, and other related information. It is advisable not to use those options. Otherwise, the page will become too long. Displaying post titles is sufficient enough.

You can display posts based on category or other parameters. Follow the detailed instruction given on their documentation page.

3. Display all WordPress posts in one page with template code

The custom page template is one of the simplest ways. You can display posts on one page using template code. First, you have to create a custom page template. Next, copy the styling from your page.php file. Use the loop below to display all posts in one page:

template code display posts plugin wordpress

If you are not comfortable with following code instruction, we recommend to use plugins. We hope this article will be useful for you to display WordPress posts on one page.


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