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How to create image gallery in WordPress?

You might have designed an amazing blog. How can you share photos on your WordPress blog?  You can use WordPress gallery plugins to help you add galleries to your website. It is very easy to create a gallery in WordPress using built-in functionality. In this article, you will learn how to create an image gallery in WordPress:

Adding images on WordPress is easy. Click on “Add media” button and upload your images. When you are adding multiple images, all images will appear one after another. You can display images in a grid layout with columns and rows by creating a gallery. The following display will look more professional and you will be able to show more photos in less space.

add gallery in wordpress

There are two types of methods to create a gallery in WordPress:

1. Create an Image Gallery without a Plugin

WordPress has a built-in feature to help you create a gallery. This feature does not have many options. To add gallery through this feature, follow the mentioned steps:

On your post edit screen, you will see “Add media” button on the right side.

add media in wordpress

You will see the WordPress media uploader. Click on “Create gallery” to upload your photos. You can select photos you have previously uploaded from the media library. Once you are done with selecting photos, click on the create gallery link from the left column.

create gallery in wordpress

You can add the caption, alt text and description for your images.

add description in images wordpress

Once you are done with selecting multiple images, click on “Insert Gallery” button. Media uploader pop up will be closed and you will be able to see the image gallery in the post editor.

gallery display wordpress

To add more professional looking image galleries on your site, use the second method.

2. Create an image gallery using Envira

You can add gallery on your website using the WordPress plugin as well. Envira Gallery plugin is the best WordPress gallery plugin in the market. It allows you to create fully-responsive and modern image galleries in WordPress. Envira provides many features like lightbox pop up, easy image navigation, Professional gallery templates.  Follow the simple steps given below:

First, you need to install Envira Gallery and activate the plugin. Go to the settings of Envira Gallery to enter your license key. You will get this key from your account on the Envira Gallery website.

envira gallery licence key

Verify the license key. Go to the Envira gallery and click on “Add new”. You will need to add the title to your gallery. Next step is to click on “Select files from computer” button to upload your images. “Select files from other sources” button is also available.

add gallery envira

After uploading the images, you will be able to see images in the images section. You can click on the pencil icon to add the caption, title and alt text to each image.

see image gallery by envira

Try the “Config” tab. In this tab, you will be able to change gallery settings like – number of columns, title & caption positioning, margins, heights, thumbnail sizes, image dimensions etc.

config gallery wordpress

Now click on the lightbox tab. It allows users to enlarge images and browse them without leaving the page. Default settings work well on most websites.

lightbox settings envira

After going through all the settings, you can publish your gallery and check it on your website. Once you install the Envira Gallery, there will be “Add Gallery” button on your post editor. Click on “Add Gallery” button and select the gallery you just created.

add gallery button envira

After selection, click on the “Insert button.”

insert gallery envira

You can now save and publish your post. Visit your website once to check the action. You will notice that when you click on an image, the image will open in the lightbox popup. Users will be able to tap on the image to enlarge it and swipe to view the next or previous image.

Envira Gallery is not the only best plugin for WordPress. You can also try NextGen Gallery and Fine Tiles WordPress Gallery.  Creating an image gallery becomes easier with plugins.


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