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How to choose the best domain hosting service

When you are building a business online, there is one area where it’s worth to spend money – hosting. Hosting is the foundation of your business – whether its website or blog. In the process of building a website – choosing the right hosting service is crucial. There are many hosting services out there offering a wide range of packages.

Which are the factors should you consider when choosing a domain hosting service? In this guide, we will discuss important factors to consider when looking for the best domain hosting service:

1. Reliability

The first factor you need to consider while choosing a hosting service is – the host’s reliability and uptime scores. No host can guarantee that their server will be active 100% of the time. Avoid the companies that report uptime score below 99.

High uptime makes sure that your visitors reach you by your websites. Your host provider should give you guarantee that your website will stay online around the clock. Hosting service should not fail because of server error. You can choose a host with fast servers.

According to KISSmetrics, a one-second delay in page speed reduces customer satisfaction by 16%. To find reliability and speed – check the company’s website and browse online reviews. This will help you to take the right decision.

2. Security

When you are planning to run a website that stores or transports sensitive data like customer’s credit card, then a security feature is a must. You should choose hosting service which offers intrusion protection, firewalls, and protection against malware.

Hosting services should be providing backup service so that when your website goes offline, you can easily restore it. Find host service which offers SSL certificates. Many hosts offer IP deny service. This allows you to block the specific IP address. You host should be taking back up 24 hours.

3. Technical support

Technical problems often occur in the website. Many website owners don’t know how to solve those issues. So choose the hosting service which can provide 24/7 technical support. Hosting service should offer live chat, email or phone support.

Some companies offer support only during business hours. When you need support ASAP – these type of companies are not useful.  Make sure that support team is expert. Some companies only handle general inquiries.

4. Price

You should choose the hosting service which suits your budget. Pricing depends on the quality of service. Nowadays good hosting plans are cheaper. While choosing the plan – compare the price of other packages the host offers.

At the initial stage, you can choose a cheaper plan and upgrade your plan later. Check out the cost of add-ons and extra services. For example, some hosts charge extra for email hosting. You can renew or upgrade your plan as per the requirement.

5. Bandwidth limits

For a non-technical person, the first question arises – “What is bandwidth?” It refers to the amount of data sent from your server to the browsers of your visitors. Every time visitors visit your website, you are using up bandwidth.

Some companies have set a fixed limit to the amount of bandwidth that a website can use each month. When suddenly visitors grow on your website, you may go beyond bandwidth allocation. At this time, your host may take your website offline. Or you can pay for the extra bandwidth used. If your website consists of heavy content such as videos, music, and images – consider choosing the plan providing more bandwidth.

6. Access to the control panel

The control panel helps you to manage your server and website. From control panel, you can make easily changes to your website. Upgrading software and adding new hosting service is possible through control panel.

Many companies provide control panel with few options. In this type of hosting services, you have to compulsory contact them for password change or email account changes. So make sure that they provide needed access to the control panel.

Based on your requirements, choose the right domain hosting service for you. Consider above-mentioned factors while choosing domain hosting service. We hope this guideline will help you to choose perfect hosting service for your website. What will you be looking for in your ideal web hosting service? Let us know in the comment box below.


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