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How to build an app like Starbucks app

Your own mobile app can be a game changer for your business. You must have noticed that almost every business has its mobile application. Through the mobile app, they can increase brand awareness, increase customer loyalty and boost sales. Investing in a mobile app is a good choice.

Your mobile application should be easy to use and highly responsive. With the mobile app, you can build a long-term relationship with your customers. Most of the industries are opting for mobile application. The restaurant industry is no exception. According to one research, 25% of the consumers have at least one restaurant-specific app on their mobile phone. Let’s take an example of Starbucks application. Do you know why Starbucks application is successful and popular among their customers?

They provide some amazing features for a better user experience. Starbucks provides the features that help to improve business and drive clear value for the foodies. Let’s take a closer look at Starbucks app’s features:

starbucks app features


1. Payments

According to one research, 20% of the Starbucks transactions take place via a mobile app. Starbucks app has over 14.9 million users already. In this app, you can order coffee online and skip the line in the shop. You can pay with your phone any of the stores among 8,222 stores in the US. Starbucks accounted for 21% of its sales through mobile payments only.

2. Manage cards

You can easily manage your cards on the Starbucks app. You can do following things through cards in the app:

  • View mobile payment history
  • Check your balance
  • Upload money
  • Pay for order
  • Collect stars for rewards
  • Leave tips
  • Transfer money between cards

3. Music

Did you like the track playing in the background, when you entered in Starbucks shop? Your Starbucks app will recognize the song for you. So that you can add the song to your Spotify playlist.

4. Store Locator

Location is one of the important criteria when customers are choosing the place to eat. With Starbucks app’s location feature, you can easily find the nearest store. Once you select the store, they provide directions to reach the destination.

5. Customer loyalty program

Every restaurant application should have a loyalty program in their mobile app. It can help you to boost customer engagement. In Starbucks app, customers get chance to gather stars which can be converted into free drinks and food. With Starbucks card, users can offer a gift to somebody else. Customer loyalty program is a great way to acquire and retain customers.

Challenges to build an app like Starbucks

You may think that it is easy to copy an existing app. Yes, it is easy. But there is no point of copying Starbucks app or any other app if you can’t grow your business with it. So before you start the developing process of building an app like Starbucks, here are some key challenges to give a look at:

1. Long-term customer engagement

The well-designed application is a great way to attract new customers. The reason behind the success of the Starbucks app is – its loyalty program. Starbucks took 7 years to advance the reward program and make it valuable for users. With unique functionalities and long-term reward program, you can attract new customers and keep them engaged.

Customer engagement for your app may take some time. Be patient because one research proved that – 21% of the users uninstall the app after first use. Only a few customers keep using the app. So make sure your app is engaging.

2. Targeting the right audience

You must be aware of your target audience. Now, you have to use this knowledge to build an app like Starbucks for your business. Know more about your customers, their opinions and preferences. Make sure you listen to them.

Ask them what type of features and functionalities they are looking for in your application. Give them what they need. Starbucks not only focused on their target audience but kept them engaged with amazing features.

3. Make your app stand out

You don’t need to copy every single features and functionality of Starbucks app. Add something new to make your app unique. For example, AR menu, games, chatbots, and social integration can make your app interesting.  For example, Bareburger app lets users check how their burger will look in reality with AR technology.

After considering the above challenges, you must be ready to build an app like Starbucks. Next step is to consider the cost of app development. There are many factors you have to keep in mind while deciding the cost of app development. Below we have given the list of factors affecting app development cost:

1. App platform – Which platform are you going to choose? Xamarine and PhoneGap is an affordable option.

2. App designing – Whether you hire app development company or have in-house employees for app designing – keep some budget fix for that.

3. The complexity of an app – It depends upon the number of features & functionalities, number of pages, resources, and the use of external tools.

4. Support and maintenance of an app – Once you have developed the app, you have to keep on updating the app. Keep looking for the bugs and make sure you solve it for better user experience.


The cost of app development varies as per the type of functionality, technology, and methodology. Keep your app budget in mind.  If you don’t want to bother app development and enjoy the perks directly, hire our team. We at Thirstydevs, know very well how to make your app work. Thirstydevs InfoTech is leading mobile app development company. Convert your idea into an amazing app. We would love to discuss your project. Contact us.


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