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How to backup your photos with Google photos

Google Photos is one of the best services provided by Google. It gives users unlimited storage of photos and videos. If you love photography then you must be having a full hard disk of photo library. It is pretty obvious that you don’t want to lose the amazing collection you gathered with hard work.

Most of us have a habit of taking backup of our important data and photo library. When it comes to taking backup of photos – Google Photos is the best option. It is very easy to use. You can set it up to take backup from your computer and you can take backup from your smartphone or tablet as well.

We are telling you to stop taking backups on a hard disk. It is a secondary method for backing up your pictures on a regular basis. Here we will give you guidelines to use Google Photos to backup your photo library:

Taking backups from your mobile devices to Google Photos

1. For Android-based devices

– Open the Google Photos on your mobile device.

– In the top left corner of the application, you will see a button with 3 horizontal lines.

– Click on that button.

– Choose “settings” from it.

– Select “Back up & Sync” option from settings.

– Select “On” option.

Google Drive also provides such functionalities. You can go to the phone’s backup settings and change “backup & sync” function. When you turn off “backup &sync” option other apps will stop backing up its content.

2. For iOS-based devices

– Install the Google Photos iOS app on your device.

– Open Google Photos on your iPhone or iPad.

– Google Photos will automatically start backing up your photo library.

– On Mac, select the folder where your photos are stored.

– To turn off automatic syncing – go to the app’s settings.

– Click on “Backup & Sync”.

– From here you can turn it off or turn it on as per your requirement.

3. Backing up the photos on your computer to Google Photo

app downloads google photos

– Go to the computer’s web browser.

– Click on

– Choose the Windows installer or Mac OS X installer.

– Download the “Google Desktop Photo Uploader” application for your type of computer.

– Open the installer and follow setup instructions.

– Sign with the Google Account.

– Select the “Back up photos and videos” option.

– Select the folders you would like to continuously back up to Google Photos.

– You can select the photo and video upload size.

– Select “start”.


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