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How to add YouTube subscribe button in WordPress?

Do you have a YouTube channel? Are you looking for ways to get more subscribers on your YouTube channel? YouTube subscribe button on your website is considered the most effective and quickest way to gain more subscribers. With the subscribe button, visitors will be able to subscribe your YouTube channel with a click. They don’t need to leave your website. Today, we will learn how easily you can add a YouTube subscribe button in WordPress:

1. Manually adding YouTube subscribe button code

The first thing you need to do is – visit the YouTube Subscribe button page on the Google Developer’s website.

configure youtube subscribe button google developers wordpress

On this page, enter YouTube channel’s name, select a layout, theme and subscriber count option. It will display a live preview of how your button will look on the website. After all the changes, scroll down to copy the embed code.

configure a button youtube subscribe button wordpress

Now login to the WordPress admin area of your site. Go to appearance and click on widgets. Next step is to drag and drop the text widget in your widget area. Paste the YouTube subscribe button code inside the widget.

text widget youtube subscribe wordpress

Make sure you save the changes. Visit your website and see YouTube subscribe button in action.

2. Using the plugin to add a YouTube subscribe bar

You can add a YouTube subscribe button on your website by adding it below every YouTube video on your site. The first step is to install and activate the YouTube Subscribe Bar plugin.

After the activation of plugin, go to settings and click on YouTube Subscribe Bar. Add your channel ID, style the button layout, choose a button theme and show subscribers count.

youtube subscribe button

You can add some text before the button. For example, write “Subscribe to my channel”. After all the changes, don’t forget to click on “Save changes”.

youtube subscription button settings save

The plugin will display the YouTube Subscribe bar below every YouTube video on your site. We hope this article will be useful to guide you to add YouTube subscribe button in WordPress.


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