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How to add a free live chat in WordPress?

There are many live chat options available for WordPress. Most of the options are paid. Free options are not worth to waste your time. We have identified some live chat options which are free, reliable and efficient. In this article, we will show you how to add free live chat in WordPress:

1. Chat Room

Chat Room is a free WordPress plugin. It allows you to create chat rooms in WordPress. The very first step is to install and activate the Chat Room plugin. After activation, you will see the Chat Room menu icon in the WordPress admin sidebar. Go there and click on “Add new” to create a chat room.

new chat room wordpress

Enter a name for your chat room and click the publish button. For users, you have to place it in your site’s front end menu. So go to appearance and click on menus. Select the room you want to add click on “Add to menu” button.

If you do not see Chat rooms in menus, then click on screen options on the top right corner of the screen. Check the chat rooms show on screen.

add chatroom menu item wordpress

Your chat room will be live and available for users. Only registered users on your site can participate in the chat room. The chat room is public to all registered users and they can jump into conversations at any time. It requires direct PHP file system access.

2. Adding a Web IRC client in WordPress

IRC – Internet Relay Chat is very old technology. There are many IRC clients available for different platforms. Using a web-based app, you can add IRC chat in your WordPress site.


First, go to the KiwiIRC’S widgets page. Create a widget for your website. Add Foonetic. It is a free IRC network where you can create your own room. In the default channel, enter the name of the chat room that you will be creating on Foonetic. KiwiIRC allows users to choose their own nickname. Next, choose a theme.

generate kiwiIRC widget wordpress

Click on “Generate my code” button and KiwiIRC will show you a piece of code. Copy the code and go to your WordPress site.

Create a new page and paste the code inside it. Give a suitable name and publish your page. Go to your website and check out KiwiIRC in action.

Registering an IRC channel and Nickname

On IRC, chat rooms are called channels and represented with a # sign. For example, use /join #mynewchannel command will create a temporary chat room for you. You will be a temporary operator there. If you want to run your own chat room then you need to register it with the IRC network. You will need a registered nickname. Use the following command:

/nickserv register <password> &Itemail_address>

Example: /nickserv register SiU4N3tpo

You will receive an email from your Foonetic network with a verification command. Copy the verification command and enter it in KiwiIRC. Your nick is now registered. Now register your chat room.

/chanserv register #channel_name

Example: /chanserv register

This will register your chat room and a chanserv bot will enter your room. You will be the owner of the chat room. You will be able to kick and ban people from the room, set topics and do lots of other things.

Adding a Skype Status Button in WordPress

Integration of Skype on your website is not possible. You can integrate a button on your WordPress site to show your Skype contact. Follow the steps given as under to add a Skype Status Button in WordPress:

The first step is to install and activate the Neat Skype Status plugin. After activation, go to the settings. Click on Neat Skype Status. Enter your Skype ID and save your settings.

neat skype status settings wordpress

Now go to the appearance and click on widgets. Drag and drop Neat Skype Status v1 widget to your sidebar. Save your widget settings.

Open the Skype app on your computer. Sign in with your ID. Now, go to tools, select “Options” and click on privacy tab. Go to the “Allow IMs from option” and select “Anyone”. So that people who are not in your contact list can chat with you.

Next, check the option “Allow my online status to be shown on the web”.

skype options wordpress

If you are using the full-screen desktop Skype app on Windows 8, take your mouse to the right corner of the screen and click on Settings. Go to Options. Select “Everyone” in “Who can send you instant messages?”

skype options windows8 wordpress

All users will be able to see you online on your website.

Using Twitter as a Live Chat Alternative in WordPress

Just like other social media buttons, you can add Twitter follow button in WordPress. Twitter offers a “Tweet to me” button. “Tweet to me” button will allow visitors on your website to send a tweet to you directly from your website.

The first step is to go to the official Twitter buttons website. Click on the mention button. Configuration settings for the button will open.

tweet to me option wordpress

Enter your Twitter handle. In Tweet text, you can add hashtag # text. In recommend field, you can add two Twitter handles you would recommend users to follow. Here, you can add your personal Twitter handle.

One button code will be there on the screen. Copy that button code. Go to the appearance on your WordPress site. Click on Widget screen. Next, drag and drop a text widget to your sidebar and paste the code inside it.

Go to your website and check – your website will have “Tweet to me” button. Users will be able to reach you on Twitter.

Basically, there are many options available for live chat support in WordPress. You can choose the option as per your requirement. We hope this article will be useful to you.


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