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How Artificial Intelligence is changing Mobile app industry?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming a popular topic among business enterprises and mobile app industry. Artificial Intelligence has made some significant transformations in the tech world. AI is already part of your mobile phone. Take an example of voice assistant like Siri or Google assistant or Microsoft’s Cortana. In a very short time span, AI has transformed the mobile market.

Artificial Intelligence is much more than smart technology. The use of Artificial Intelligence in mobile app development has helped to encourage the creation of smart apps. Integration of the Artificial Intelligence technology with mobile apps is the new popular trend in the mobile app development industry. It can be truly said that AI is playing the major role in boosting the productivity. The importance of apps is increasing day by day for smartphone users. Because mobile app development is turning impossible into reality.

Here are a few ways AI will change mobile app development:

1 Increase in personalization

Artificial intelligence

AI has changed the definition of the personalized app. Artificial Intelligence technology lets the brands collect in-detailed information about user’s purchase history, then brands can compile that information with other data obtained from online traffic, point-of-sale machines and mobile devices. This recorded behavior of users in form of data will be useful to provide personalized results. Starbucks is a good example of an AI-powered app. “My Starbucks Barista” app lets users to tell the app what they want and the app places the order for them. Gradually many AI-powered apps are taking place in the market. eBay also uses AI-powered visual search features.

2 Empowering search experience

The days are gone when users used to search by text. Now searching through image and voice is also possible due to Artificial Intelligence. Now it is must for mobile app developers to integrate image recognition system and voice recognition system. Providing app localization feature can also help to increase the conversion rate of your app.

3 Enhanced app security

app security with artificial intelligence

All mobile app developers’ first biggest concern would be of app security. Artificial Intelligence can be useful to improve the app’s security. Due to AI, the number of security issues decreased drastically. With the help of Machine Learning and Predictive Analysis, you can predict the future threats. You can even analyze user behavior pattern and make necessary changes in your strategies accordingly. With Artificial Intelligence, security mechanism can be improved easily. It also helps you to find loopholes in the code or development process and suggests you methods for app security.

Every business should take advantage of Artificial Intelligence technology to grow their business and to increase their ROI as well. Mobile app industry is heavily influenced by Artificial Intelligence for several years. In today’s technologically advanced world, AI is becoming necessary to stay relevant in the market. Due to many advantages of AI, many mobile app development companies and non-development companies have started adopting Artificial Intelligence as an effective tool to engage more users. The combination of Artificial Intelligence and mobile app will definitely change the face of technology in coming years.


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