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Google will lose $50 million from Fortnite bypassing the Play store

Fortnite’s rollout on Android continues to be interesting. The game bypassed the Google Play Store. It offered the game directly from Epic Games’ own website. According to the study of Sensor Tower, this decision will result in Google losing out on approximately $50 million over the next year.

Epic games believe that its game is popular enough to bring players on its website for the Android download. Fortnite has already grossed over $180 million on iOS devices. Sensor Tower estimates that Apple has made more than $54 million from the game so far via its 30% cut of all in-app spending on its store.

The firms expect that when Fortnite rolls out to all supported Android devices, its launch revenue on the platform will closely resemble the first several months of Apple App Store player spending.

Though there are some issues with this decision that should be considered. Such as security. As security researchers are saying that Epic games’ decision sets a dangerous precedent by encouraging people to remove the default security protections from their devices. For example, bad actors get ample opportunity to list copycat apps full of malware in an effort to scam users. 

For the first time, Google is informing Google Play users that game is not available for download.

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If you search on Google Play Store – “Fortnite Battle Royale”, Google will show you PUBG Mobile at the top of the search results and other games as well. This way Google is trying to send users to another game that can easily eat up the user’s time and attention.

Fortnite’s Android Beta is currently available on Galaxy S7 and Samsung devices. Fortnite is available through the South Korean Company’s in-phone Game Launcher app. 


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