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Google makes it easier to find relevant data in search

Google is now working with a number of news organizations in order to improve how tabular data appears in Google Search, so that it can be easier for everyone to find data that they are looking for within the search result itself.  Through Google news initiative, Google makes it easier to find relevant data in search.

There is a lot of data out there and according to study by Google News Lab – over half of all the newsrooms in the world have a dedicated data journalist, who works to make sense of all that data.

google news initiative

Simon Rogers, Data Editor at Google News Lab said in the blog post

“Based on feedback from 30 of the top data journalists in the world, we identified an opportunity to improve how tabular data appears in Google Search and in doing so make it easier for all people to find the data they’re looking for.”

Therefore, Google is working with a couple of news organizations, including ProPublica. Together they will produce what is called “structured data” in the format that is needed for Google’s search index. Adding the structured data to the existing HTML of their page, news organizations will be able to control how their tables are presented to readers.

Scott Klein, deputy managing editor at ProPublica said –

“If we can make the data we’ve worked hard to collect and prepare available to people at the very moment when they’re researching a big life decision, and thereby help them make the best decision they can, it’s an absolute no-brainer for us. And the code is trivial to add.”

Google already indexes data that it finds online, but this is the first time Google is consciously putting in a place a system to include journalism projects as well, which is a good sign. The feature is currently in pilot, so search results may not frequently turn up datasets just yet.


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