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Google Docs will now correct your grammar, spelling mistakes

Google has recently introduced the new tool called “grammar suggestions” for its word processor app, Google Docs. This feature will suggest corrections for all sorts of language slip-ups, including article errors and more complicated concepts like dangling subordinate clauses.

The new feature is powered by AI, using the same tools Google Translate uses to translate language automatically to also identify and fix grammar and word-use issues in your document. The new tool will underline and highlight probable grammar issues with a blue line. Though this new feature is in the experimental phase and has been made available to eligible applicants of Google’s Early Adopter Programme. (EAP). If you are a G suite user who wants to try the grammar checker, you can express your interest by filling this form.

The service is similar to the product of startup Grammarly, which has raised $110 million, or Microsoft Word’s “Editor Pane.” Along with Grammar suggestions, Google said that they are bringing smart-reply feature which automatically suggests simple artificial intelligence-powered responses to its Hangouts chat app for business customers.

Google said in its blog post –

“Our AI can catch several different types of corrections, from simple grammatical rules like how to use articles in a sentence (like “a” and “an”) to more complicated grammatical concepts such as how to use subordinate clauses correctly.”

Google also mentioned that its machine learning will improve overtime to detect trickier grammar mistakes. The new tool will be secure and reliable as it’s built within Google Docs. The feature is not available to everyone. Until the full roll-out, you have to rely on correcting your grammar by yourself or using Grammarly.  One thing can be said for sure that Google adding AI to its apps will definitely be useful to work more effectively.


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