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Google Assistant is getting new visual smart home controls

Google assistant is a smart artificial intelligence. It can help you to control smart home devices, even if you don’t have Google Home or the smart speakers. Google is rolling out visual smart home controls to mobile devices.

Binary commands like switching a light off, unlocking a door, or starting a show on TV are easy. But more complex commands like increasing or decreasing the volume of the TV may end up as tricky. Because smart tech may interpret the voice commands according to its own binary commands.

Some Google assistant users have noticed that when they ask the assistant on their smartphone to adjust the smart home devices – the app presents a new interface for giving you manual control.

google assistant

As you can see in the screenshot above, the new Google Assistant presents a big, clear controller for room temperature and light brightness. It looks like this is a small-scale rollout for now. But it will likely to spread to more assistant devices soon.

By arming the users’ with the smart controls, Google will be offering more freedom to adjust the said commands according to the user requirement.

It will be interesting to see how the voice assistant develops and matures in the smart home. We can see that smart home in the near future offers speakers everywhere. But with displays in key locations like the kitchen, when looking at a screen offers increased value.

Google has been working on expanding the Google Assistant for months now. We recently got fast forward and rewind voice controls on Android. Also, now you don’t have to say “Hey Google” quite as often. It appears that Google is improving upon the service nearly every day. Let us know in the comments if this feature works for you on your Android’s smartphone.


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