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Gmail’s Confidential Mode comes to Android, iOS

Earlier this year, Gmail got a huge redesign. Gmail came up with many new features for users. Gmail added confidential mode for Android and iOS users. This feature will allow users to send messages and attachments in the most secure manner. This feature is to help users protect sensitive information from unauthorized access.

The confidential mode on Android is not different from the one available on the web. You can get access to all its features. You can choose self-destruct timer for the email. It can be after 1 day and up to 5 years.

confidential mode for android

The feature has already arrived on Android and iOS users. You don’t need to update your app to get access to this mode. This mode prevents the recipient from forwarding, copying, downloading and printing the content in the email.

You can set an expiration date that will automatically delete the email after the specific time duration set by you. You can also set a passcode for a message. If you choose “No Passcode” – Gmail users will be able to open your message directly and non-Gmail users will get emailed a passcode.

How to use confidential mode on Android

Follow the steps given below:

1 Tap the ‘compose’ button at the bottom right.

2 Tap the ‘three dot icon’ at the top right.

3 Now you can set expiration date and passcode.

You can always change your mind and remove or alter the confidential settings before sending the email. Though the confidential mode is good for users. Still, there can be some privacy concerns that can’t be ignored.

For example, it could expose the recipient to phishing attacks when spam emails can be marked as confidential and malicious sites hidden under false links. So it would not be a great idea to blindly trust confidential mode.


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