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Gmail for Android and iOS now lets you turn off conversation view

Google is finally adding an option to Gmail for Android and iOS that lets you disable Conversation view. You don’t need to wait for an update to the Gmail app on your Android or iOS device to get a new experience. The update is rolling out gradually through a server-side update. Gmail on the Web already offers an option to disable conversation view.

Conversation view allows users to better manage emails grouping relevant emails together. But in case you wish to turn it off, you can now. The G-suite team wrote in its blog post

“In Gmail, replies to emails are grouped together as “conversations”, to make them easier to digest and follow. Some users, however, prefer to see each of their emails listed individually in their inbox. This is possible on the web by toggling “Conversation View” off in the Settings menu. We’re now bringing this same feature to the Gmail Android and iOS apps. If you currently have Conversation view turned off on the web. It will be turned off on your mobile as well.”

You can disable grouped emails by unticking the conversation view option. For that get into Settings> General settings. Google has confirmed that the update will roll out to all users over the next 15 days. You are recommended to install the latest Gmail app version.

people are used to SMS messages, chat messages like WhatsApp and other chatting platforms. Therefore, a system like this might make more sense now. To check if the option is available to you –

  • Open up the Gmail Android app

  • Click on the menu icon in the top-left corner

  • Scroll down to settings

  • Click on “General Settings”

  • Under “Manage Notifications” a new “Conversation view” tab will be visible.


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