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Facebook is shutting down Friend List Feeds

Facebook recently announced that it is shutting down Friend List Feeds. The feature allowed users to scroll through only those posts from one of their designated friend lists. For example – people could see posts of family, work colleagues, neighbors, and industry peers. Friend lists can still be created and edited. Only the separate feed feature is being phased out.

Facebook tried to boost the dormant use of its friend list feature by introducing smart lists. This feature automatically grouped friends with common characteristics into friend lists. But even that didn’t seem to help much.

friend list feeds

Facebook’s note regarding the feeds’ shutdown says –

“Don’t worry – you can still continue to create, edit and share to your friends list.”

Facebook lists feature was available on Facebook for a number of years. But the original version required a lot of manual labor. Facebook said in 2011 that 95% of Facebook users hadn’t made a single list. Therefore, Facebook launched “smart lists.” Facebook started auto-grouping your friends into lists for you. To make “smart lists” – Facebook identified some common factors based on profile data. For example – people who went to school with you, people you work with, people who live within 50 miles of you. Even with the Smart Lists, not many people used the “Friend List Feeds” feature.

Facebook mentioned –

“We’re shutting down this lesser-used feature to focus our efforts on improving the main News Feed experience. While people won’t be able to view custom feeds from lists of friends, they’ll still be able to create and edit friends lists, and share just to these audiences whenever they post to Facebook. In addition to these options, they can also keep customizing News Feed by visiting News Feed preferences to choose which posts they want to see first, or hide posts they don’t want to see.”


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