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Best Android learning apps

Now you don’t need a personal computer to learn or develop any skill. People have already started using smartphones or tablets to acquire different types of skills. There are various types of online learning apps available to learn just about anything. That is also true that some apps are better than other apps in terms of quality content they provide. We have identified some of the best learning apps for Android. These apps will help you to learn as well as keep record of your progress for the specific course. Now you can become expert by learning from following apps:

1 Coursera

learning app coursera

Higher education is not just limited to college students anymore. Now anyone with the smartphone can study different courses from Coursera. Coursera offers more than 1,000 courses to learn from. You can attend online lectures, take the quiz, participate in unit tests and submit assignments in your free time and can even earn a certificate from Coursera. Coursera offers both – free and paid courses for enthusiastic learners.

2 Udacity

learning app udacity

Nowadays, education is becoming more expensive by the time. Learning becomes easier with Udacity. All the lessons about courses are classified into categories. You can keep track of learning after completing each lesson. The complete syllabus is provided for each course in Udacity. You can even download the lessons and complete it offline too. In Udacity, various courses are taught by industry experts. You can directly access advanced level if you have already gained expertise in basics of any course. In Udacity, for some of the courses you have to pay fees. Though Udacity offers most of the courses for free.

3 Khan Academy

learning app khan academy

Khan Academy is becoming popular among all-age internet users. They provide a massive library of content to learn from. Khan Academy boasts about having more than 10,000 videos about various concepts and courses. The reason behind the popularity of Khan Academy is – it’s absolutely free. No fees are taken to access any course. There are a wide variety of subjects available to learn from Khan Academy such as math, biology, chemistry, economics, finance etc. You can even unlock basic achievements and keep the record of your progress in each course you learn.

4 edX

learning app edx

edX is an open online course website that offers online academic courses for students. edX doesn’t offer courses prepared by experts instead, it offers courses directly from actual colleges. If you are looking for higher education then edX is the best app for you. It offers offline video lectures and various tutorials. The good news is edX provides courses for free. Gaining knowledge has no age bar. Therefore, edX can be useful for those who are willing to learn from online platforms.

5 Simplilearn

learning app simplilearn

Simplilearn is the best app to learn different courses like programming, digital marketing, finance management etc. It offers more than 400 courses. For short-term online training courses, Simplilearn can be a good choice. Simplilearn offers 24/7 support for learners. Simplilearn’s online sessions are drafted by considering current market trends and demands.

If you will start digging more and more in apps then you will come to know that there are more than 3000 educational apps available online for you to download and learn from. Udemy, Amazon Kindle, Memrise, Quizlet, SoloLearn, and Duolingo are just a few examples of the educational app. Udemy contains 65,000+ video courses offered by specialists. Lessons are given in more than +50 languages to give learners best possible experience. It covers more than 2000 topics to learn from. Many of the online learning apps provide certificates after the course completion.

Each app offers various type of courses with different expertise level. You have to choose the right platform according to your learning requirement. Above learning apps will turn your Android device into the mobile learning tool. In case, we missed any apps to include then you can let us know in the comment box. We would love to learn from you.


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